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Compliments to the Chef

Type: ISNM
Zone: Talacca Cove
          Members: 6
          Time: 30 minutes
Item Required: Secret Imperial Order (3000 Imperial Standing)






Angler Orobon x 1




Your armoury crate will load out of the following groupings:

Zero or One of:
Accelerator II (1.9%)
Armor Plate II (0.6%)
Auto-Repair Kit II (1.3%)
Bitter Corset (6.5%)
Kawahori Kabuto (7.1%)
Mana Tank II (1.3%)
Requiem Flute (5.2%)
Stabilizer II (1.3%)
Tension Spring II (0.6%)
Two or Three of:
Ahriman Wing (17.4%)
Behemoth Horn (31%)
Brass Tank (31%)
Buffalo Horn (1.3%)
Dragon Talon (20.6%)
Habu Skin (1.9%)
Khroma Ore (21.3%)
Karakul Cloth (1.3%)
Luminium Ore (21.9%)
Merrow Scale (17.4%)
Rainbow Cloth (2.6%)
Raxa (2.6%)
Red Grass Cloth (1.9%)
Sieglinde Putty (19.4%)
Urushi (2.6%)
Wamoura Cloth (6.5%)
One of:
Scroll of Blizzard IV (9.7%)
Scroll of Dispel (14.2%)
Scroll of Erase (9%)
Scroll of Quake (7.7%)
Scroll of Protect IV (13.5%)
Scroll of Protectra IV (11%)
Scroll of Reraise III (14.8%)
Scroll of Water IV (7.7%)
One of:
Charisma Potion (19.4%)
Icarus Wing (16.1%)
Intelligence Potion (29%)
Mind Potion (22.6%)
All of:
Chocobo Egg (Somewhat Warm) (100%)
Orobon Meat (100%)


  • Low evasion and defense
  • Angler Orobon has approximately 12,500 HP.
  • Uses the following moves:
    • Hypnic Lamp - 15' AoE sleep if you are facing the mob
    • Leeching Current - AoE magical "1.000 Needles" with HP absorption. Can be reduced by Shell and multiple targets.
    • Seismic Tail - AoE, 1-3 shadows or 500~ dmg + knockback
    • Deathgnash - hate reset and "throat-stab" mechanics, except instant
    • Seaspray - 500 "breath" dmg (reduced by being at an angle) + slow2 (overwrites haste)
    • Abominable Belch - Paralyze, Plague (10tp/tic), and Silence
  • When it uses Hypnic Lamp, it may repeat several times in a row.
  • Resists sleep, but is very susceptible to Repose. However, builds an elemental resistance quickly, to the point where it lasts 1 second.
  • After a time, the duration of Gravity gets shorter and shorter.
  • Bind builds resist and eventually becomes impossible to stick.
  • It will only use Deathgnash after Hypnic Lamp.
  • Usually done with 6xBlack Mage or 5xBlack Mage and 1xRed Mage
  • Can be done with 3-4 BLM, experience with the monster is recommended however.
  • Can be solo'd by skilled RDM/NIN.
  • Easily Duo'd by BLM/RDM and RDM/NIN.
  • Buffs do not wear upon entering.
  • Mob has true sight and agro range is ~25+. Much longer than casting range, so starting with a timed nuke is not possible unless you first bind it.

Good Luck

This article uses material from the "Compliments_to_the_Chef" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.