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Geomancy spells are divided into two categories: Indicolure and Geocolure.

Indicolure Spells[edit]

Indicolure spells are learned by using plates (like magic scrolls) sold by Ishvad and Eukalline on the Western Adoulin waterfront. These spells create a visible aura around the caster that enhances allies or enfeebles enemies. Enhancing auras affect the caster as well, while enfeebling auras only affect enemies. Only enemies that are engaging the caster's party are affected by the enfeebling auras.

Geocolure Spells[edit]

Geocolure spells are learned by examining Geomantic Reservoirs scattered throughout Vana'diel after learning the indicolure version of the spell from a geomancy plate. The player's main job must be set to Geomancer in order to learn geocolure spells. Geocolure spells target an enemy or party member, rather than the caster. When a geocolure spell is cast, a pet Luopan appears at the point where the target is standing. This Luopan generates an aura that enhances nearby allies or enfeebles nearby enemies. Only enemies that are engaging the caster's party are affected by the enfeebling auras. Luopans' HP constantly decreases, limiting their lifespans. They can be recalled by using the level 5 ability Full Circle. Doing so restores a small amount of the caster's MP. Because they occupy the pet slot, a Geomancer can have only one Luopan active at a time.

Geocolure spells require the caster to use a handbell, a type of Geomancer-exclusive instrument. Because only main-job Geomancers can use handbells, only main-job Geomancers can cast geocolure spells.

Spell List[edit]

Indicolure Spells

Level  Spell
01  Indi-Poison
04  Indi-Voidance
10  Indi-Precision
15  Indi-Regen
16  Indi-Attunement
22  Indi-Focus
28  Indi-Barrier
30  Indi-Refresh
30  Indi-CHR
33  Indi-MND
34  Indi-Fury
36  Indi-INT
39  Indi-AGI
40  Indi-Fend
42  Indi-VIT
45  Indi-DEX
46  Indi-Acumen
48  Indi-STR
48  Indi-Slow
52  Indi-Torpor
58  Indi-Slip
64  Indi-Languor
68  Indi-Paralysis
70  Indi-Vex
76  Indi-Frailty
82  Indi-Wilt
88  Indi-Malaise
88  Indi-Gravity
94  Indi-Fade

Geocolure Spells

Level  Spell
05  Geo-Poison
08  Geo-Voidance
14  Geo-Precision
19  Geo-Regen
20  Geo-Attunement
26  Geo-Focus
32  Geo-Barrier
34  Geo-Refresh
34  Geo-CHR
37  Geo-MND
38  Geo-Fury
40  Geo-INT
43  Geo-AGI
44  Geo-Fend
46  Geo-VIT
49  Geo-DEX
50  Geo-Acumen
52  Geo-STR
52  Geo-Slow
56  Geo-Torpor
62  Geo-Slip
68  Geo-Languor
72  Geo-Paralysis
74  Geo-Vex
80  Geo-Frailty
86  Geo-Wilt
92  Geo-Malaise
92  Geo-Gravity
98  Geo-Fade
Color Key

*You must be on a monster's enmity list in addition to the monster being within range for spell to take effect.

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