Call to Arms

Type: ISNM
Zone: Talacca Cove
          Members: 6
          Time: 30 minutes
Item Required: Confidential Imperial Order (2000 Imperial Standing)






Imp Bandsman x 5



Your armoury crate will load out of the following groupings:

Zero to One of:
Templar Sabatons (???%)
Busker's Cape (???%)
Dominion Ring (???%)
Immortal's Earring (???%)

One of:
Agility Potion (???%)
Vitality Potion (???%)
Strength Potion (???%)
Dexterity Potion (???%)
One of:
Platinum Ore (???%)
Darksteel Ore (???%)
Adaman Ore (???%)
Orichalcum Ore (???%)
One of:
Scroll of Aero IV (???%)
Scroll of Carnage Elegy (???%)
Scroll of Maiden's Virelai (???%)
Scroll of Flare (???%)
Scroll of Flood (???%)
Scroll of Tornado (???%)
Dark Spirit Pact (???%)
Light Spirit Pact (???%)
One of:
Glass Sheet (???%)
Homunculus Nerves (???%)
Polyflan (???%)
All of:
Chocobo Egg (Little Warm) (???%)
Imp Wing (???%)


To win this fight, you must defeat every monster that appears during the ISNM.

You begin this fight against a single Imp Bandsman. He performs the standard Imp abilities

  • Abrasive Tantara: AoE Amnesia
  • Deafening Tantara: AoE Silence
  • Tier II -ga Black Magic
  • Blaze Spikes, which can kill a monk using Hundred Fists.

Imps are weak to light, so repose works the best unless you are willing to struggle with sleep. Using elemental seal + repose gives you a lot of time to rest.

In addition, he will occasionally use the special move, Bugle Call. The effect is that one of 5 imps will appear in the back of the arena and begin to attack whoever is closest. (This is false, he just summoned at least 10-12 imps on ours, with one spam crazy set of 4. Blu sheep song works good here.) The called imps have the same name, but are significantly weaker and will not call imps themselves. They can be slept and lullabied, but will wake up shortly afterward.

It is recommended that when a new Imp is called, everyone switch to the new imp and defeat it quickly. A good strategy is to save TP when fighting the primary Imp, and then use it on the newly spawned Imp with less HP. Since imps move quickly, make sure you get it away from your healers with Provoke, so you don't waste time chasing multiple imps across the battlefield. Control the spawned imps quickly. They will coordinate their attacks, casting Tier II -ga spells and various sleep spells all at once.

Take care, because since all the names are the same, it can be confusing as to which imp was the first one. Once another imp spawns, you don't want to give the first Imp more TP to call additional imps.

For a safe setup, it is recommended to have 1 tank, and preferable to have 2. Paladin or Ninja makes little difference. Have 2 healers and fill the rest of the party with damage-dealing classes. A WHM is not necessary, 2 SMNs or RDMs can fill the need of the party quite well.

Participants may consider bringing Poison Potions to counteract sleepga, but it is not critical to success.

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