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Game Script[edit]

Transformations - Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Waoud: Do you wish to gaze on the tapestry that fate has woven for you?

I require less coin from adventurers for my divinations, considering their...uncertain employment.
Waoud: The symbol of trials...
Your fate lies behind the gate of nobility.
You pay 1000 gil for the divination.

Transformations - Aht Urhgan Whitegate - Somewhere in the Imperial Ward
???: Impossible.

We only recently measured the subject's cobalt values.
???: The possibility for this cobalt spike was part of our original calculations.
Raubahn: ...
???: But we never could have predicted that a subject progressing so smoothly would experience such rapid transformation...
Raubahn: Mortal will is a fickle thing.
This result is not surprising.
???: However, if the subject is discovered, there will be an Imperial inquiry.
???: Agreed.
The army is not overly fond of the Immortals as it is.
Raubahn: The army commanders are wise enough to know when to close their eyes for the good of the Empire, and the Empress.
Raubahn: In any case...
???: ...
Raubahn: The “subject” is far too dangerous an opponent for the average soldier. An entire division of soldiers, for that matter...
???: All the more reason to--
Raubahn: You will excuse me.
Our solution has arrived.
Leave this problem to the Immortals.
Raubahn: A soulflayer in the early stages of development has been sighted in several sections of the undersea ruins.
Raubahn: (Player).
You are charged with the elimination of this threat.
Raubahn: Do not underestimate this creature. Even at this stage of growth, it likely possesses a higher intellect and greater command of magic than you.
Raubahn: This briefing is over.
Now go!
Luqrabah: Wasn't that one of the new recruits?
Harjeel: I believe so.
Can she withstand the truth...?
Raubahn: We will soon find out.
If she cannot survive this duty, then so be it.
The weak will be destroyed.
Luqrabah: An easy thing to say.
Wathdeeh: We must consider the possibility for a third stage of development...
Raubahn: A third stage?
Raubahn: Hahaha...
Who is responsible for this failure in the first place?
Harjeel: ...
Raubahn: When a problem arises, all you can do is talk in circles.
Are you good for nothing more than empty debate?
Raubahn: If you fear the truth will be revealed, all we need do is destroy it like the beast it is.
Raubahn: Even should we experience transformations, we will not allow the Empress and the Empire to suffer for it.
Raubahn: That has always been, and always will be, our only concern...

Transformations - Alzadaal Undersea Ruins
Yasfel: Magus armor does not enhance the magic of a blue mage.

Yasfel: It brings you to the edge of the beast, and unshackles the power you are subconsciously repressing.
Yasfel: Its one other property...
Yasfel: to suppress the physical “transformation” of the vessel.
Yasfel: But do not rely on it to save you.
Transformation is the fate of those who drown themselves in blue magic, and fail to control the power raging within.
Yasfel: They lose the ability to maintain their form, and the mortal vessel is destroyed...
Yasfel: What you have just witnessed could very possibly happen to any one of us.
Yasfel: You seem perplexed.
This is the way of the blue mage--the path you have chosen.
Yasfel: You cannot undo your choice.
Yasfel: Your evolution cannot be stopped.
Yasfel: There is no going back.
Yasfel: But do not forget: our desire is also our strength.
Yasfel: Hunt down the beast and gorge your fill!
Yasfel: Seize the power to forge your own destiny!
Yasfel: Show me!
Show me the will that allowed you to take my hand!
Yasfel: The vessel changes shape to meet its needs. Call it evolution.
Yasfel: But those who completely lose their mortal form are no better than monsters...
Yasfel: How will you fare?
Will you keep your mortal form until the end?
Yasfel: Heh...
Yasfel: No matter. You have faced the truth and taken the life of a colleague you never knew.
Yasfel: Your actions do you credit.
Yasfel: Now, perhaps, you will understand Raubahn...or should I say, Waoud?
Yasfel: Now you may understand the meaning behind his questions...
Yasfel: You have earned your reward.

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