The Gates

Mission Name The Gates
Number 4-3
Title Granted Ulbukan Understudy
Items Needed Key ItemTuft of golden fur
Repeatable No
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Darrcuiln Morimar


  • Examine the Darkened Crevice at (G-8) in Woh Gates.
    • Party members must either possess a Key ItemTuft of golden fur or have already beaten the mission.
    • It is possible to enter solo, and Alter Egos can be summoned in the coming battle.
    • The battle starts automatically after about 60 seconds, so summon Alter egos quickly. It's possible to resummon them if you do not have hate.
  • Enter Cirdas Caverns (U) from the Darkened Crevice to battle several waves of Pustulous Umbrils.

The Battle[edit]

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