Out of Touch

Start NPC Glenne - SE Encampment
Abyssea - La Theine
Requirements Reputation 6
Items Needed Key ItemRainbow-colored linkpearl
Repeatable No
Reward 1000 Cruor
Key ItemScarlet Abyssite of Kismet


  • Speak to Glenne (A) to receive a Key ItemRainbow-colored linkpearl to deliver to Aaveleon (A).
    • Glenne is located at (L-11), near Conflux #06.
  • Find Aaveleon and speak to him.
    • He has been sighted all over La Theine, including (D-7) going east, (E-7), (F-7) heading down into the gigas area from (E-7), (H-9), (H-11), (I-8), (I-10), (J-8), (J-9), (G-10) and (G-11).
    • He can also head east from the central encampment (H-7), circle around the cliffs at (I-8)/(I-9), and then travel south to the ravine at (H-10).
    • Widescan makes locating him much easier.
  • Return to Glenne to complete the quest and obtain your reward.

Game Description[edit]

Glenne has lost the means to contact her husband who is out on patrol. Find her husband afield and deliver a new linkpearl to him.
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