Fires of Discontent/Plot Details


Game Script[edit]

Fires of Discontent (pt.1)- Bastok Markets [S]
Engelhart: I'm glad you've returned.

The senator has set us a new task.

Engelhart: You will accept, won't you?

Accept the task?
It seems I have little choice...
--->I won't be threatened!

Engelhart: The senator doesn't make threats--he only makes promises.

Accept the task?
--->It seems I have little choice...
I won't be threatened!

Engelhart: A wise decision.
Here's the situation.

Engelhart: We're seeing some unrest in a section of the Galkan population...
No, let's be perfectly clear: they are planning an uprising.

Engelhart: The mastermind behind this revolution appears to be none other than Chairman Pale Eagle.

Engelhart: As you might be aware, President Prien was elected on the strength of his campaign promises--improvements to living conditions and education for all.

Engelhart: But with the outbreak of war, these improvements have failed to materialize, and the Galka who supported Prien's campaign have grown disillusioned and angry.

Engelhart: Under cover of the chaos sown by the Beastman Confederate, the ambitious chairman is attempting to capitalize on the dissatisfaction of the Galkan citizens to seize power for himself.

Engelhart: During his military days, the chairman was known as the "Eagle of Grauberg." If the soldiers still loyal to this former general join in the coup, the ensuing civil war will tear Bastok asunder!

Engelhart: Thankfully, Senator Werner is one step ahead of his rival...

Engelhart: Your task will be to confirm certain information that will defuse this civil war before it even begins.

Engelhart: Chairman Pale Eagle has had dealings with the Galkan elder Werei and his friend Gumbah.

Engelhart: There are rumors that these two are hoarding a stockpile of weapons in preparation for the coming uprising.

Engelhart: Our sources also tell us that this Werei is teaching swordplay to the youngster Pagdako. Does he mean to arm even the children in this madness...?

Engelhart: Find these Galka, and learn the truth behind their motives.

Fires of Discontent (pt.2)- Bastok Markets [S]
Pagdako: You want to meet with Werei and Gumbah?

What for?

Werei: So, you've come to investigate the "troublemakers" as well, have you?

Werei: No need to answer. It's written plain on your face.

Werei: I don't know who put you up to this, but we have no interest in igniting a civil war.

Gumbah: I won't try to convince you that more than a few Galka aren't unhappy with the president's rule.

Gumbah: That's why Werei is making the rounds, trying to calm the rising anger.

Werei: This conversation is over.
Don't neglect your sword practice, Pagdako. The road to becoming a Mythril Musketeer is a long one.

Pagdako: Elder Werei always says that to me.
I wonder if I'll ever be a Mythril Musketeer...

Fires of Discontent (pt.3)- Metalworks
Iron Eater: You have business with me?

Iron Eater: Did I learn swordfighting from Elder Werei when I was younger?

Iron Eater: That's right.
Everything he taught me has become like second nature to me now.

Iron Eater: He often said, "The river has many branches, but they all flow into the sea."

Iron Eater: I was too young to understand the meaning behind those words at the time.
But now that I've been through my fair share of trials, I understand them all too well...

Iron Eater: Hm?
Did my master have any particular place he preferred to be?

Iron Eater: Now that you mention it, he and Gumbah often used to travel to Grauberg.

Iron Eater: What was it about that mountain...?

Fires of Discontent (pt.4)- Bastok Markets [S]
Engelhart: Have you learned anything useful?

Engelhart: Werei and Gumbah make frequent visits to Grauberg, you say?

Engelhart: Grauberg...
That mountain is riddled with caves--the perfect place to hide a stockpile of weapons.

Engelhart: I shall communicate this information to Senator Werner.
Meanwhile, head to Grauberg and see if you can confirm my suspicions.

Fires of Discontent (pt.5)- Grauberg [S]
There is a strange mound of dirt here...

You find weapons buried in the ground!

Werei: What are you doing here?

Werei: Keep your hands off those weapons!

Gumbah: You again.
How did you find out about this place...?

Dieter: So, the intelligence reports were true...

Werei: Now what?

Dieter: Under the authority of the military police, you are under arrest on suspicion of inciting civil unrest.
I suggest you come quietly.

Gumbah: Looks like they've had us followed, Werei.

Werei: On what grounds?
We've done nothing wrong.

Dieter: I didn't want to believe the rumors...
But I can't dispute the evidence before my own eyes.
You'll have a chance to argue your innocence back in Bastok.

Werei: It might be best to hold our tongues for now.

Gumbah: I agree, Werei.

Dieter: You're the informant?
Excellent work, soldier.

Fires of Discontent (pt.6)- Bastok Markets [S]
Engelhart: Have you heard the news!?

Engelhart: S-S-Senator Werner...
Rumors are flying around that he was assassinated in the Metalworks!

Engelhart: The details are still unclear.
Others are saying it was nothing more than an unauthorized intruder. I wish I could find out more, but the Metalworks is under tight security...

Fires of Discontent (pt.7)- Bastok Markets [S]
Gentle Tiger: The Metalworks has been locked down for security reasons.

Only authorized personnel may enter!

Volker: What news of the senator?

Gentle Tiger: You'd best see for yourself.
And these men...?

Volker: Second Division Military Police.
We were in the midst of discussing a separate matter.

Volker: When we heard that the Senator of Defense was attacked, they insisted on accompanying me to the scene.

Dieter: You have our full cooperation.

Dieter: Hm? Aren't you...

Volker: A colleague of yours?

Dieter: This is the informant that was instrumental in Werei's arrest.

Volker: I see.
Well, if we're done with the introductions, it's time we were heading inside.

Gentle Tiger: Hm?
Where do you think you're going!?

Volker: Senator Werner!

Zeid: Dead when I found him.
He was last seen heading into the Metalworks after meeting with the president in the Consul's Office.

Nicolaus: According to the medic, there are multiple vicious stab wounds to the chest.
This crime was motivated by anger...

Volker: And the intruder escaped?

Zeid: The assassin was never seen.
We locked down all exits as soon as the body was discovered--the guards are currently performing a thorough sweep of the entire building.

Volker: First Werei and Gumbah's arrest, and now this murder right under our very noses...dammit!

Five Moons: Where are we on this talk of an uprising?
Surely the rumors aren't true...!?

Volker: We still don't know for sure.
Elder Werei and Gumbah are in the custody of the Second Division Military Police.

Dieter: The investigation is proceeding as we speak.

Klara: We could certainly use some answers.

Volker: Captain!

Nicolaus: Mister President!
Your plans to inspect the battlefield...?

Klara: Canceled.

Klara: How could such violence be perpetrated within a stone's throw of the President's Office!?

Klara: Not only was our security breached, but a senior member of the government assassinated...
Never have the Musketeers failed so completely in their duty!

Klara: As commanding officer, I will submit myself to any forthcoming punishment...!

Prien: Lift your head, Klara.

Prien: Senator Werner was a brilliant man, who devoted his entire being to the future of the Republic.

Prien: The most fitting tribute to his life will be to catch the criminal behind this and bring down the full force of Republican law.

Prien: For now, I suggest we pray for the peace of his soul.

Klara: Who was responsible for security during Senator Werner's visit?

Zeid: I was...

Klara: Zeid.
I find it hard to believe you of all people were lax in your vigilance.
How did this intruder slip past our defenses...?

Klara: I'm putting you in charge of this investigation, Zeid.
Restore the good name of the Musketeers!

Zeid: Understood.

Klara: Volker!
You are to assist him.

Volker: Yes, Captain!

Prien: I will convene an emergency meeting of the Republican Defense Council and the Galkan Elders.

Prien: And I will assume the duties of the Senator of Defense for the time being.
We have work to do, Captain.

Klara: Sir!

Klara: Why do we have unauthorized personnel in here?

Klara: Yes, I'm talking about you.
Leave the premises immediately!

Fires of Discontent (pt.8)- Bastok Markets [S]
Engelhart: The rumors of the assassination were true!?

Engelhart: Senator Werner is dead...

Engelhart: Recently, an unknown agent has been trailing his every move--I'd bet the future of the Republic that's the assassin they're looking for.

Engelhart: With the senator gone, I doubt I'll have anymore tasks for you.
Thank you for your competent, albeit brief, service.

Engelhart: Take this.
Your final remuneration from the senator...

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