Dominion Tactician

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[[{{SUBST:Dominion Tactician}}|   ]]
Dominion Tactician
Affiliation: Abyssea
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[[{{SUBST:Dominion Tactician}}|   ]]
Type: NPC
Location: :Abyssea - Altepa (K-5)
Abyssea - Grauberg (D-14)
Abyssea - Uleguerand (G-11)

The Tactician deals with all manners of Dominion Notes transactions. You will be able to buy new Armor, temporary items, and other things from him/her. The Tactician also deals with all manners of Battle Trophies transactions.


Item Notes
Decrescent Shade 300
Increscent Shade 300

Temporary Items[edit]

Item Notes
Amnesia Screen 300
Doom Screen 300
Petrify Screen 300
Poison Screen 300
Terror Screen 300


  • All equipment in this section are Body pieces.

Abyssea - Altepa[edit]

Item Notes
Estoqueur's Sayon 1500
Goetia Coat 1500
Orison Bliaud 1500
Raider's Vest 1500
Ravager's Lorica 1500
Tantra Cyclas 1500

Abyssea - Grauberg[edit]

Item Notes
Caller's Doublet 1500
Charis Casaque 1500
Cirque Farsetto 1500
Iga Ningi 1500
Lancer Plackart 1500
Mavi Mintan 1500
Navarch's Frac 1500
Savant's Gown 1500
Unkai Domaru 1500

Abyssea - Uleguerand[edit]

Item Notes
Aoidos' Hongreline 1500
Bale Cuirass 1500
Creed Cuirass 1500
Ferine Gausape 1500
Sylvan Caban 1500

Augmented Weapons[edit]

Abyssea - Altepa[edit]

Item Type Notes
Firmament Sword 2500
Guisarme Polearm 2500
Ribauldequin Marksmanship 2500

Abyssea - Grauberg[edit]

Item Type Notes
Doom Tabar Axe 2500
Yataghan Dagger 2500
Yukitsugu Great Katana 2500

Abyssea - Uleguerand[edit]

Item Type Notes
Savate Fists Hand-to-Hand 2500
Vodun Mace Club 2500
Dire Scythe Scythe 2500

Battle Trophy Items[edit]

  • These items will be "randomly" Verification Needed augmented in a similar manner as the weapons that are bought with Dominion Notes.
  • All equipment is Level 87 and Exclusive Exclusive.

Bellicus Armor Set[edit]

Tier Armor Piece Type
1 Bellicus Cuirass Body
2 Bellicus Celata Head
3 Bellicus Cuisses Legs
4 Bellicus Dastanas Hands
5 Bellicus Sabatons Feet

Bestia Armor Set[edit]

Tier Armor Piece Type
1 Bestia Mail Body
2 Bestia Helm Head
3 Bestia Breeches Legs
4 Bestia Mufflers Hands
5 Bestia Greaves Feet

Paragon Armor Set[edit]

Tier Armor Piece Type
1 Paragon Haubert Body
2 Paragon Galea Head
3 Paragon Brayettes Legs
4 Paragon Moufles Hands
5 Paragon Sollerets Feet

Skopos Attire Set[edit]

Tier Armor Piece Type
1 Skopos Jerkin Body
2 Skopos Visor Head
3 Skopos Braccae Legs
4 Skopos Bracers Hands
5 Skopos Socks Feet

Kokugetsu Attire Set[edit]

Tier Armor Piece Type
1 Kokugetsu Togi Body
2 Kokugetsu Hatsuburi Head
3 Kokugetsu Haidate Legs
4 Kokugetsu Kote Hands
5 Kokugetsu Sune-ate Feet

Spry Armor Set[edit]

Tier Armor Piece Type
1 Spry Vest Body
2 Spry Headgear Head
3 Spry Tights Legs
4 Spry Wristbands Hands
5 Spry Gaiters Feet

Mederi Attire Set[edit]

Tier Armor Piece Type
1 Mederi Talar Body
2 Mederi Tam Head
3 Mederi Slacks Legs
4 Mederi Gants Hands
5 Mederi Brogues Feet

Literae Attire Set[edit]

Tier Armor Piece Type
1 Literae Coat Body
2 Literae Hat Head
3 Literae Pants Legs
4 Literae Cuffs Hands
5 Literae Sabots Feet

Facio Attire Set[edit]

Tier Armor Piece Type
1 Facio Bliaut Body
2 Facio Caubeen Head
3 Facio Spats Legs
4 Facio Gages Hands
5 Facio Galoshes Feet
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