Classrooms Without Borders

Start NPC Moreno-Toeno (A) - Base camp - Abyssea - Altepa
Items Needed Manigordo Tusk x3
Repeatable Yes
Reward 400 Cruor

Ferine Seal: Hands (???%)
Ravager's Seal: Hands(???%)
Creed Seal: Hands (???%)
Iga Seal: Hands (???%)
No Seal (65.9%)


Game Description[edit]

Moreno-Toeno (A) Base camp - Abyssea - Altepa
His classroom may be lost, but Moreno-Toeno is determined to educate the next generation here in the wastelands. Bring him three manigordo tusks so that he can conduct a science class for his pupils.
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