Cait Sith Deich

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[[{{SUBST:Cait Sith Deich}}|   ]]
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Cait Sith Deich
Gender: Female
Bestiary: Avatar
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[[{{SUBST:Cait Sith Deich}}|   ]]
Type: Cutscene NPC
Location: Castle Oztroja (S)

Involved in Quests:


Historical Background[edit]

Cait Sith[edit]

The Cait Sìth (also: Cat Sídhe, Scottish Gaelic for Cat Fairy) is a fairy creature from Scottish mythology, said to resemble a large black cat with a white spot on its breast. Legend has it that the spectral cat haunts the Scottish Highlands. Some common folklore suggested that the Cat Sìth was not a fairy, but a transformed witch.


In Scottish Gaelic, deich is the cardinal number ten.

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