Benevolence Lost

Start NPC Rukususu(F-10) Abyssea - Grauberg
Requirements Level 3 fame
Items Needed Several pinches of Twinkle Powder
Key ItemPinch of Pixie Dust
Repeatable Yes
Reward 400 Cruor (200 Cruor for repeat)
0-1 of the following:

Charis Seal: Hands (???%)
Goetia Seal: Hands (???%)
Ferine Seal: Hands (???%)
Savant's Seal: Hands (???%)

No seal: (???%)

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Voices from Beyond None


  • Speak with Rukususu at the Second Encampment (F-10) (South of Vertical Conflux #07, near the top of the waterfall).
    • You must zone after completing the quest Voices from Beyond before you can flag this quest.
  • Go to the Fay Pond at F-5 via Vertical Conflux #05 and trade some Twinkle Powder to receive a Key ItemPinch of Pixie Dust.
    • For first timers: it seems to always be 10 Twinkle Powder
    • For repeats: It is strongly advised to bring multiple stacks of Twinkle Powder for this quest because it takes a large amount of powder.
  • Return to Rukususu with the key item for your reward.

Game Description[edit]

Rukususu Abyssea - Grauberg
Water contamination has caused the pixies of Witchfire Glen to turn malevolent. By proliferating certain components in the water, however, it should be possible to restore the noble creatures to their former benevolent selves.
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