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Where Two Paths Converge (pt.1) - Metalworks
Iron Eater: We've been waiting for you, Player name. Some unbelievable events have taken place recently...

Iron Eater: It seems as if the dark knight Zeid attacked one of our adventures in the Northlands, and forced her to deliver a letter addressed to Captain Volker.

Iron Eater: Even more unbelievable is the content of that letter...

Iron Eater: But enough talking. We should enter the President's Office now.

Volker: What is the meaning of this!?

Volker: Give me one good reason why you were compelled to hide the truth about what my uncle did over thirty years ago!

Cid: Volker...
We weren't trying to hide it from you...

Volker: Wait...
You knew about this too?

Cid: Knew about...? Well...you see...

Volker: Oh, and the next thing you'll tell me is that Player name knew all about this as well!

Volker: So the only person who didn't know anything about it was the one with the cursed blood running through his veins! Me!

Ulrich: Is that all you've got, Raogrimm!?

Raogrimm: Ulrich, why!?

Ulrich: Why? Because I never liked you, that's why!

Raogrimm: You will never get away with this, Ulrich!

Ulrich: Watch me!

Raogrimm: ...Cornelia!?

Ulrich: Wh-what have I done!?

Volker: I didn't join the Musketeers because of my uncle, but that didn't stop the rumors--the rumors that it was my uncle's influence that got me my position.

Volker: And so I was promoted to Mythril Musketeer, and then to captain...and what was waiting for me when I finally reached the top? The truth about my uncle and its cover-up! Who am I supposed to believe now!?

Karst: ...Are you done whining, Captain?

Volker: What...?

Karst: The only reason we did not inform you of what happened thirty years ago is because we thought you would react like this.

Karst: And look at yourself... Exactly what we expected.
Or maybe you want us to sit with you and cry over your cursed destiny?

Karst: You want us to comfort you and tell you that what happened thirty years ago has nothing to do with the present? Will that make you feel better?

Karst: It seems that I have overestimated your ability as captain, Volker.

Cid: Karst! That wasn't necessary!

Karst: You are no longer of any worth to Bastok. Iron Eater will take your place until we appoint a new captain. Now leave this office.

Iron Eater: President Karst!

Karst: And while you're gone, why don't you try finding Zeid and bringing him back to Bastok? He'd be a lot more useful around here than you.

Volker: Understood.
I will obey your orders.

Iron Eater: Captain!

Cid: It's all... It's all my fault. I should have told him a long time ago...

Karst: Hmph! If he couldn't handle that, then he certainly cannot handle the position of captain.

Karst: Player name! You heard what just transpired here. I have a feeling that Zeid's letter was just a ploy to get Volker to meet him.

Karst: However, by the looks of him, I'm not positive that Volker is ready to meet Zeid's challenge.

Karst: But we cannot wait for Volker to come to terms with the truth that lies before him. That's why I'm asking you to go capture the dark knight and bring him here.

Karst: Whether I make him Volker's replacement or throw him in jail is up to me.

Iron Eater: President Karst! You cannot do this! Think of what both have done for this country!

Cid: That's right, Karst! You're not the type to let your feelings control your actions!

Karst: I've...
I've given my orders and I'm not repeating myself.

Karst: Zeid has much popularity among our soldiers' ranks. And that is why I cannot allow this investigation to be head up by the Musketeers.

Karst: Player name...
You were successful in defeating the Shadow Lord. I'm entrusting this next task to you.

Iron Eater: ...

Karst: Now be off with you. Your destination is Castle Zvahl!

Where Two Paths Converge (pt.1) - Throne Room
Zeid: So, Volker is not with you...

Zeid: No matter how many of the Kindred are slain, the darkness that engulfs Bastok will remain until the past that haunts him is vanquished.

Zeid: The enemy lies within me.
Raogrimm stood up to rid himself of what plagued him. Now it is time Volker to do the same.

Zeid: Take up your weapon...
I will not let Raogrimm's death be in vain. Where there is light, there is pain for Bastok...

Zeid: And now one of us must journey to the dark to wake those that still dwell in the light.

Zeid: Let the sound of our blades ring forth to Gustaberg... and to Volker's ears. You need not hold back. I am prepared to face whatever may come.

Where Two Paths Converge (pt.2) - Throne Room
Zeid: Is this the extent of your power? Why do you hesitate?

Zeid: This will not appease...

Zeid: ...!?

Zeid: Volker...

Volker: I apologize for making you wait.

Zeid: Wait? I've waited twenty years...

Volker: I want some answers, Zeid. Why are you doing this?

Volker: Why do you have to play these games? If you want my position so badly, why don't you just come back to Bastok and take it? It's yours!

Zeid: I will answer your question with another. What has brought you here, Volker?

Volker: I...

Zeid: How dare you!
You vehemently deny that your success has been a result of your uncle's deeds; however, when you learn of the crime he has committed, you are at a loss for words.

Volker: What...?

Zeid: Do not mock me!
Do you not realize!? You are just another page in the bloody history of the Talekeeper!

Volker: You... How can you know that pain that I feel!?

Zeid: And if you cannot find within the pain the answer that you seek, then learn from my blade the true meaning of your pitiful existence!

Volker: If it is our destiny, then so be it...

Zeid: From this point, twenty years ago, our lives took different paths... And this is where those paths are to end!

Where Two Paths Converge (pt.3) - Throne Room
Zeid: Ugh...

Volker: Zeid!

Zeid: You have become quite...a warrior, Volker.

Volker: Is it only because this adventurer was with me. Alone, I could not have defeated you...

Zeid: You finally see...
You do not need to fight alone. Others will always be there to...

Volker: Zeid...

Zeid: Twenty years ago, when my blade met that of the Shadow Lord, I felt his anguish... That anguish forced me into the shadows.

Zeid: However, there I did not find what I sought. It was only then that I realized the answer lay in the light.

Zeid: While it is my destiny to remain trapped in the darkness of my soul, yours is not. Your place is out in the light. And that is why Bastok is better in your hands than mine.

Volker: What are you saying? Don't you realize how many people out there are waiting for your return?

Zeid: They only await my return because they do not have faith in yours. Look behind you, Volker. Look at the worry on their faces. Listen to the story those faces tell.

Volker: Why are you...

Naji: Captain!
It's not fair! Why didn't you tell us you were coming?

Naji: I would have given anything to go a few rounds with the legendary dark knight!

Ayame: And you wonder why you are still a doorboy...

Iron Eater: Our purpose is not to merely improve our skills as fighters, but to protect and ensure the happiness of the citizens of the Republic. We bring them hope.

Ayame: It is ironic, but it is our duty to create a society where people like Naji are forced to complain about "having nothing to pummel."

Naji: But if we only had something to pummel...

Zeid: The age of adventurers...
It is an age without heroes, as well as an age where anyone can become one.

Zeid: An age such as this requires a strong leader to help the people overcome their troubles pasts. You are best suited for that position.

Volker: But can I truly lead them...?

Zeid: You are the only one who can.

Zeid: I...I will now return to the shadows. I look forward to seeing how our country prospers under its leaders.

Iron Eater: Sir! The Galka still await your...

Zeid: If I were to return now, I would destroy everything Gumbah has attempted to build.

Zeid: The time for conflict between the Galka and the Humes is over. I ask you to support Gumbah in his efforts in bringing our people together.

Volker: Zeid...
When I have fulfilled my duties...I wish another round with you.

Zeid: Hmph. I accept your challenge, but on one condition--that you don't hold back like you did this time.

Volker: I'm sorry you had to see that.

Volker: I should head back to the President's Office now. I have a lot to explaining to do...
We will be awaiting for you as well, Player name.

Where Two Paths Converge (pt.2) - Metalworks
Iron Eater: Welcome back from Castle Zvahl. You may enter.

Karst: Now that you're all here, I have just one question to ask... Why can't you Mythril Musketeers ever follow orders!?

Karst: I thought I told you to bring Zeid back here to Bastok!

Karst: And because you couldn't complete a simple task, what am I left to do? Reinstate this failure of a soldier as captain!?

Volker: President Karst...

Karst: I've heard enough. Leave my office.
Find something suitable for the adventurer's reward.

Naji: Do you think the president's mad because of us?

Lucius: You've got it backwards, Naji. I haven't seen him this happy in ages.

Cid: Ha ha. That man never could show his true feelings.

Volker: I thought that we might be punished more severly...

Ayame: Oh, do not worry, sir. Knowing the president, I am sure we will be getting a pay cut, or something of the like.

Naji: A pay cut!? C'mon! I still have sixteen more payments on my loan...

Iron Eater: Don't tell me you bought another sword...

Volker: I... I don't know how to thank all of you.

Volker: I can never be Zeid. I don't have the strength to carry the burdens that he does.

Volker: However, I have come to realize that there are some things that only I can accomplish.

Ayame: While there are many truths that can be seen while within the boundaries of a nation, there are some things that can only be viewed once one has left their native soil.

Ayame: That is why adventurers such as yourself are of great importance to our country.

Lucius: This is your reward, Player name. And with it I present to you our nation's highest honor: rank 10.

Iron Eater: I cannot begin to count the number of times I have thanked you for your services, but...thank you.


Naji: Some guys/girls have all the luck... You? You get a reward. Me? I get a pay cut!

Naji: Oh yeah, I almost forgot. There's a letter for you.

Naji: Here. You'll know who it's from when you read it.

Dear Player name,
"Do you really like Bastok?"

Cornelia: I...
I hated my country.

Cornelia: A country ruled by gil...
A country where people don't care about anyone but themselves...

Cornelia: I tried to change it, but with each passing day, I came to think that maybe I really was powerless against the system.

Cornelia: But recently I've met a lot different people, and I've come to realize that I'm not as powerless as I thought.

Cornelia: And that's why I've decided to listen to the voice of the people and ask them, "Do you really like Bastok?"

Cornelia: As a matter of fact, I've already started asking. Here's what they had to say...

Michea: You sure do ask the strangest things, Cornelia.

Michea: Hmmm, well...
I haven't had the easiest life here in Bastok, but I don't think I could have pursued my dream anywhere else.

Michea: It may sound strange, but being in this country gives you the confidence to tell everybody, "I'll show you!"

Salimah: Of course. I am proud to say that I was born and raised in Bastok.

Salimah: Even though we are surrounded by malms of desert, I can still get all the ingredients I need for my family's meals.

Salimah: I think that this can only come from the freedom that this nation is built on.

Salimah: Some may critcize the money-hungry ways of the merchants and adventurers, but without them, where would Bastok be today?

Salimah: My only trouble is trying to decide what to make for dinner. I'd say that is a fairly carefree life.

Deidogg: What the hell kind of question is that? How could I like a country where Humes have stepped on us Galka for hundreds of years!?

Pavvke: The bridge between our people cannot be built in a day. But if we do not try, the spirits of our ancestors can never rest.

Pavvke: Everyone knows we must change our ways, but that is often easier said than done.

Gumbah: Love, hate...Does it really matter?

Gumbah: But when people try to live their lives without taking the rules that have been laid down before them, there are bound to be some problems.

Gumbah: I guess that's what you called "responsibility". You know, that word wasn't used that much by the ancient Galka.

Gumbah: Nobody really questioned the responsibility of the Talekeeper, just as no one really questions the responsibility of the gods.

Gumbah: If you are going to leave everything up to one person, responsibility is obsolete. However, if you try living in a community...

Gumbah: Now, if you, too, would start taking some responsibility...

Gumbah: Hey, you don't have to get that upset...!

Ayame: If I had no feelings for this country, I would probably still be refining up my skills in Norg...

Ayame: But I feel that it is my duty to protect this nation. If may sounds simple, but it is what drives me.

Cid: I just wanted a place where I could conduct my experiments...

Cid: I never thought they would make me so important. Ha ha.

Cid: The only thing I need out of life is the opportunity to give something back to the people...

Naji: Sure, I like Bastok. Where else could a guy like me become a Musketeer? This is the land of opportunity!

Naji: Now if they would just cut back my hours and give me a raise, I could be the star of hope for all the little children in the nation...

Lucius: As long as the enemy lurks on the outside, the battle to defend this nation must continue. And as long as the battle continues, the work for officials such as myself will never end.

Lucius: I do not think that we shall ever see a perfect Bastok, but that does not mean we should stop trying to build one.

Iron Eater: The day one can speak their true feelings for one's country is the day he/she realizes his/her true role there.

Iron Eater: With Sir Zeid away, I never stopped to think about my role was...

Iron Eater: But now I have finally come to see what I must do, and I feel a step closer to being able to speak my true feelings about Bastok.

Karst: Wh-what is that supposed to mean!? Now stop asking foolish questions and get back to your room and study!

Volker: I love this country from the bottom of my heart. Sharing the pain, and the joy...

Volker: Denying pain and forcing it on another can only cause more pain, and joy will never be achieved.

Volker: The pain that I have suffered is the pain of all the citizens of Bastok, and I will continue my struggle until that pain has turned to happiness.

Cornelia: As for me...well, I don't know if I can answer yet, but I do know this--there is a lot more of this country that I want to learn about.

Cornelia: And maybe someday I can become somebody who will represent the people and bring change to Bastok. Maybe I'll even become... Wait, I'll leave that a secret.

Cornelia: Just look at Captain Volker. Compared to his uncle, he's accomplished so much. If he could do it...

Cornelia: I apologize for my rambling. I want to thank you for all you have done.

Cornelia: Fighting for our nation, defeating the Shadow Lord...your accomplishments have benefited Bastok so much.

Cornelia: However, in addition, you have given us something more important.

Cornelia: You have taught us about what we were lacking. I now know the importance of sharing our joy as well as our pain, and I will work hard to make sure I never forget.

Cornelia: Until we meet again, Player name...

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