Uninvited Guests

Start NPC Justinius - Tavnazian Safehold (J-6)
Requirements The Savage Completed
Items Needed Monarch Linn Patrol Permit

Giant Scale (1-2)

Title Granted Monarch Linn Patrol Guard
Repeatable Yes, once per week after Conquest tally.
Reward One of the listed below.


The Battle[edit]

  • The battlefield has a 30 minute time limit, and a maximum of 18 characters are allowed to enter.
  • There is no Level Restriction so buffs including TP do not wear off upon entering and experience points will be lost from a knock out.
  • One Mammet-800 is in the battlefield at first. When it is approached, the additional Mammets spawn, depending on the number of adventurers in the fight.
  • One Mammet will be fought for every two characters: 1 Mammet for 1-2 characters, 2 Mammets for 3-4 characters, etc.
  • They do build resistance to Bind, so it will be difficult to kite indefinitely if Bind is your only defense.
  • Depending of the form, they can use abilities that allow them to absorb damage from physical or magical damage.
  • When in the hand-to-hand form, they will use Transmogrification that absorbs physical damage.
  • When in the staff form, they will use Mind Wall that absorbs magic damage.
  • Using Yellow Liquid will make them unable to change their form.
  • All of the Mammets must be defeated to win the fight.


See Video.


Possible Rewards[edit]

10,000 Gil (0%)
Adaman Ore (1.1%)
Adamantoise Shell (0.2%)
Aluminum Ore (2.7%)
Angel Skin (0.2%)
Armoire (2.2%)
Assault Breastplate (0%)
Behemoth Hide (0.9%)
Bison Steak (2.7%)
Bream Risotto (3.4%)
Cloud Evoker (0.8%)
Crimson Jelly (2.8%)
Dragon Bone (1.6%)
Dragon Heart (0.2%)
Elm Log (1.6%)
Habu Skin (0.9%)
Leremieu Salad (0.3%)
Marbled Steak (0.2%)

Mannequin Body (2.2%)
Mannequin Hands (1.9%)
Mannequin Head (0.6%)
Mannequin Legs (1.4%)
Mannequin Feet (1.3%)
Miratete's Memoirs (57.7%)
Mushroom Risotto (2.2%)
Mushroom Stew (2.7%)
Orichalcum Ore (0.6%)
Oversized Fang (1.7%)
Raxa (3%)
Sea Spray Risotto (0.2%)
Siren's Hair (0.2%)
Tavnazian Salad (2.8%)
Tiger Eye (2.7%)
Unicorn Horn (2.5%)
Vermillion Jelly (0.6%)
Witch Risotto (0.2%)
Witch Stew (0%)

Game Description[edit]

Justinius (Patrol HQ, Tavnazian Safehold)
You have been asked to expel the black-robed intruders lurking around Monarch Linn.
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