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Game Script[edit]

Unforgiven (pt.1) - Tavnazian Safehold
Elysia: Oh, whatever am I to do...?

Elysia: Excuse me, but do you think you could help me?

Elysia: I was going to give an offering to the Goddess for my dear friend who passed away three years ago. However, the hairpin I was to offer is missing.

Elysia: I know you must be busy with your adventuring, but if you happen to spot it, please bring the hairpin back to me. I would be extremely grateful.

Pradiulot: Lady Elysia, what are you doing all the way down here?

Elysia: P-Pradiulot!

Elysia: I...uh... I was listening to the tales of this adventurer.

Pradiulot: Hmph, tales...

Pradiulot: Sir/Ma'am, this may seem like an odd question, but...

Pradiulot: We have not met before, have we?

Pradiulot: I apologize for being so abrupt.

Pradiulot: During the Great War twenty years ago, I suffered a terrible injury and lost all my memories of the past.

Pradiulot: That is why every time I meet someone new, I ask them if we ever met.

Elysia: Pradiulot, are you on patrol?

Pradiulot: Hm?
Ah, yes. One last circle of the area near the altar and I will be done.

Elysia: Oh...

Pradiulot: Well, as much as I would like to stay and hear the tales of your journeys, I must finish my rounds. Good day, sir/ma'am.

Pradiulot: Oh, and Elysia...

Pradiulot: Might we have stew tonight? I do love your homemade stew.

Elysia: Of course, Pradiulot.

Elysia: ......
Ah, I'm sorry. For a moment there I was lost in thought...

Elysia: Yes, the hairpin.
I might have dropped it while carrying groceries from the upper level of the safehold.

Elysia: I do hope you are able to find it...

Unforgiven (pt.2) - Tavnazian Safehold
Elysia: You found it!

I was beginning to think I would never see this again. Thank you so much...

Elysia: Kind adventurer, do you have a moment?

Elysia: I told you before that I was going to present the hairpin as an offering to the Goddess.

Elysia: Twenty years ago, I lost one of my dear friends to the flames of the Great War.

Elysia: No... The war did not take her life...

Elysia: It was I who killed her.

Elysia: Mischanau had just married, but she was very weak. While her husband, a member of the Tavnazian Knights, was on duty, I would often visit her residence and take care of her.

Elysia: However, one day, the beastmen armies broke through the city's defenses and began their plundering and pillaging. I grabbed my friend's hand and began to flee with all the rest of the townspeople.

Elysia: And that's when it happened...

Elysia: Overcome by the crowds of people trying to escape the Orcs' arrows, I accidentally let go of Mischanau, and she was swallowed by the ocean of screaming women and children that spread in all directions.

Elysia: After the battle had died down, I attempted to return to the city to find my dear friend, but I was stopped by the others.

Elysia: ...
I never saw Mischanau again...

Elysia: Since then, not a day has gone by that I haven't seen her in my dreams...calling out my name...
And that is why every year around this time I take this hairpin of hers to the Altar of the Dawn and pray... Pray that she can forgive me for the pain I caused her...

Elysia: Before I go to the altar, may I ask you one more favor?

Elysia: Would you find Pradiulot and tell him that I will be waiting for him by the well?

Elysia: Thank you again...

Unforgiven (pt.3) - Tavnazian Safehold
Pradiulot: Ah, the adventurer from the mainland. My I help you?

Pradiulot: Elysia is waiting for me by the well? Whatever could be wrong...?

Elysia: I'm sorry that I asked you to do that.

Elysia: It is just that I don't want him to see me when I make the offering for Mischanau.

Elysia: I haven't been completely honest with you.

Elysia: Before she died, Mischanau's husband...

Elysia: ...was Pradiulot.

Elysia: However, because of the injury he sustained during the war, he no longer remembers anything about her.

Elysia: Mischanau was my best friend, and I was elated when I heard the news of her marriage.

Elysia: Even if the groom was my childhood friend...and sweetheart...
I truly did wish them eternal happiness from the bottom of my heart.

Elysia: But maybe there was a part of my heart that secretly despised my friend for stealing Pradiulot away from me... And maybe that is why I let go of her twenty years ago...

Elysia: I could not live with this sin bearing down upon my soul...

Elysia: So, when the injured Pradiulot woke from his coma, I told him everything that happened. However, by then it was too late. He no longer remembered me--or his late wife.

Elysia: I do not know what will become of Pradiulot's memory in the future, but until he has fully recovered, I have chosen to stand by his side.

Elysia: This, I feel, is the only way I can pay for my terrible sins...

Elysia: Thank you again for all that you have done for me. I do not know how I can repay you.

Elysia: I must leave before Pradiulot returns. Please take this as a token of my gratitude.

Elysia: I hope that it can aid you in your future travels.

Pradiulot: Elysia was not at the well.

Pradiulot: What? She came by to say that she did not need to see me at all?

Pradiulot: Sometimes I just cannot understand that woman...
If you see her again, tell her that tonight's stew had better be sublime if she wishes I forgive her!

Unforgiven (pt.4) - Tavnazian Safehold
Pradiulot: Greetings, adventurer. Did you speak with Elysia again?

Excellent. Now I have something to look forward to when I am relieved of duty.

Pradiulot: If you do not mind me asking, what did you speak of with her?

Pradiulot: <Sigh>
Elysia is a kind, kind woman.
When I was on my deathbed, she stayed by my side for three whole days and three whole nights, tending to my wounds until I recovered from my coma.

Pradiulot: Her heart is as pure as the clear waters of Cascade Edellaine.

Pradiulot: I have never met a woman so gentle and so sincere...

Pradiulot: And perhaps that is her only fault...

Pradiulot: Let me tell you a story.

Pradiulot: Long ago, there was a boy who had a wonderful treasure so important to him that he always kept it by his side.

Pradiulot: The treasure was so dear to him that one day, when he had to go on a long journey, he felt the only person he could trust with that treasure was his best friend.

Pradiulot: However, while the boy was away, a terrible accident occurred and the treasure was lost forever.

Pradiulot: When the boy returned and found what had happened to his treasure, he hated his friend for not being able to protect the item.
But deep inside, the boy knew that the loss of his treasure was not only the fault of his friend.

Pradiulot: He knew that he, too, was responsible...

Pradiulot: However, as long as the loss of the treasure remained in the boy's heart, he knew that his friend would forever suffer with the pain of not fulfilling his promise.

Pradiulot: The boy did not wish this of his longtime companion.

Pradiulot: And so he chose to lose his memory.

Pradiulot: This may sound ridiculous, but to the boy this was the only way to ease the suffering of his friend, as well as his own.

Pradiulot: By choosing to forget about the past, it could no longer hurt him or his friend.

Pradiulot: And so he lived in happiness, until the day he died...

Pradiulot: Ah, I apologize for my babbling.

Pradiulot: Farewell, traveler. I hope that you, too, can find joy in this world filled with sorrow.

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