Template:Campaign Ops


This template outputs the quest information for a Campaign Ops.

It also includes the Campaign Operations and Campaign categories in the article.

See the talk page for example code and output.

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{{Campaign Ops
  | startnpc = [[<name>]] - [[<zone>]] (<pos>)
  | requirements = 
  | minrank = {{Medal|<medal>}}
  | category = 
  | cost = <cost>
  | size = <min>-<max>
  | items = 
  | stars = 
{{Campaign Ops/Star|1|<xp>|<notes>}}
{{Campaign Ops/Star|2|<xp>|<notes>}}
{{Campaign Ops/Star|3|<xp>|<notes>}}
{{Campaign Ops/Star|4|<xp>|<notes>}}
{{Campaign Ops/Star|5|<xp>|<notes>}}
  | result = <result>
  | name = <mission name>
  | nation = <article nation>
  | tiers = <mission tiers>
  | related = <related ops>
  | others = <!-- no = suppress other nation's links -->
  • Without Placeholders
{{Campaign Ops
  | startnpc = 
  | requirements = 
  | minrank = 
  | category = 
  | cost = 
  | size = 
  | items = 
  | stars = 
{{Campaign Ops/Star|1||}}
{{Campaign Ops/Star|2||}}
{{Campaign Ops/Star|3||}}
{{Campaign Ops/Star|4||}}
{{Campaign Ops/Star|5||}}
  | result = 
  | name = 
  | nation = 
  | tiers = 
  | related = 
  | others = 


Leave any unused parameters blank to allow default values to show. It will also let others see what can be filled in.

  • startnpc: The NPC who issues the mission, followed by its location.
  • requirements: Optional. Any prerequisites for the mission other than the rank.
    Example: Region must be under San d'Oria control.
  • minrank: The minimum Campaign Medal rank required to start the mission.
    Uses {{Medal}}. Example: {{Medal|star4}}
    If a rank is not required, provide ''None'' as the value.
  • category: The Ops category the mission is under. Valid Values (case-insensitive):
    • Resource Procurement: resource procurement, resource, resources
    • Supply Transport: supply transport, supplies, transport
    • Security: security
    • Supply Manufacture: supply manufacture, manufacture
    • Offensive Operations: offensive, offensive operations, offense
    • Defensive Operations: defensive, defensive operations, defense
    • Intel Gathering: intel gathering, intel
    • Military Training: military training, training
  • cost: The number of Op Credits required to start the mission.
  • size: The unit size allowed or required to participate. Examples: 1, 1-3, 3-6
  • items: Any items required for the mission.
  • stars: The rewards given for each mission star rank. Uses {{Campaign Ops/Star}}.
  • result: The result(s) of completing the mission. Example values:
    • Increases Nation's Resources
    • Increases Nation's Reconnaissance
    • Lowers Enemy's Supplies
    • Increases Zone Fortifications by <amount>
    • Replenishes Zone's Resources
    • Increases Nation's Prosperity
    • Increases Maximum Resources
    • Refer to other Campaign Operations for more examples.
  • name: The name of the Ops mission without tier number.
  • nation: The nation that the article page is for.
  • tiers: The number of tiers available for the mission.
  • related: Freeform entry of links to "Related Ops". Used for non-standard Ops such as Cracking Shells.
  • others: Set to no to suppress output of links to other nations' missions of the same name.
    The links are created using the current page's name.
    Note: The links will not be generated if content is provided for related.

Default Output[edit]

Minimum Rank Information Needed
Category Information Needed
Cost Unknown Op Credits
Unit Size Unknown Members
Related Ops BastokSan d'OriaWindurst
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