Talk About Wrinkly Skin

Start NPC Orsa-Porsa, (K-10) Morimar Basalt Fields Frontier Station
Requirements Key ItemPioneer's Badge
Items Needed Apkallu Egg
Uleguerand Milk
Key ItemHot springs care package
Title Granted None
Repeatable No
Reward 500 bayld
Key ItemCalor resilience
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None None


Game Description[edit]

Orsa-Porsa, (Frontier Station, Morimar Basalt Fields)
A strange old man has taken a liking to the hot springs found in Morimar, which has Orsa-Porsa rather nonplussed. The Taru has tasked you with bringing him some Uleguerand milk, an apkallu egg, and a felicifruit so he can lure the old man out of hiding.
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