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Talk:Migratory Hippogryph

Soloing on DNC[edit]

Took this guy down as 48DNC/24NIN using healer NPC, pretty easy. It had fairly low accuracy, I was wearing a total of +5 evasion and +3 evasion skill, although I do have capped evasion skill merits as well. It misses a lot, but when it does hit, it hits fairly hard. A long-lasting Jettatura can be dangerous. --KodoReturns 10:26, 21 February 2009 (UTC)

51DNC/24NIN Took three tries (first try I was 52, deleveled). There are a couple deep parts to the small ponds. You can kite around those without it being weighed down. If timed properly, you can also cast Utsusemi before it gets to you. Very close calls though. Saved me while I had 100 hp left. As the above poster mentioned, Jettatura is very dangerous. Nearly died on multiple occasions because of that attack. Also agree that it has low accuracy. I was using emp hairpin. Good luck. --Krizz 03:49, September 8, 2009 (UTC)

50DNC/25NIN Gear: Bone Knife +1 (x2), Rogetsurin, Emperor hairpin, Spike necklace, Dodge earring (x2), Brigadine armor, Battle gloves, Smilodon ring +1, Venerer ring, Jaguar mantle, Swordbelt, Republic subligar, Leaping boots. Got to 300% TP by the fortification using Stalking Saplings (which con EP to me). Called upon my fellow (attacker) but she is under leveled and didn't do too much. Used Drain Samba II. By the time my shadows would wear I usually had enough time to recast. Jettatura wipes out 2 shadows which can be a pain. If you have enough HP you can try to Healing Waltz away the para, although silence will wipe first. Para and silence didn't last too long so usually I concentrated on Curing Waltz II. Nihility Song took away shadows right after cast once which resulted in my HP going into the yellow, but overall this was a very easy fight.

On another note, anyone know the name of Laila's mothers sword? Natica 00:46, June 2, 2010 (UTC)

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