Tabs are an event currency, similar to Ballista Points, that can be spent for certain benefits at Field Manuals. You can obtain certain spell effects, such as protect or refresh, as well as food effects. There is also the option of Repatriation, which returns you to your home nation. You do not have to participate in a Fields of Valor regime to gain the benefits of spending your tabs (although you do need to participate to earn them).

Tabs can be received as a reward for successfully completing a Fields of Valor regime. Upon completion, players receive a number of tabs equal to 1/10th of the xp reward. Example, upon completing a regime you could be rewarded with 500xp and 50 tabs.

Also, tabs can be spent on a further reward for your efforts. Tabs are required to purchase "Chapters" in the "Elite Training Regime". more information can be found on the Field Parchment page (click link).

  • There is a limit of 50,000 tabs you can hold.
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