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Game Script[edit]

Sheltering Doubt (pt.1) - Tavnazian Safehold
Chapter 4: The Cradles of Children Lost

Prishe: Phew...
It's good to be back home!

Prishe: What's with the long faces? I'm back!
Break out the brew and grub!

Ulmia: ...?
Something is amiss, Prishe...

Justinius: Prishe! Ulmia!
You are all right!

Prishe: What's going on here, Justinius? Did anything happen while I was gone?

Justinius: Well...

Despachiaire: Prishe, Ulmia. Please come with me. There is something we must speak of.

Ulmia: Granpere...

Sheltering Doubt (pt.2) - Tavnazian Safehold
Despachiaire: Ah, Player name. Welcome back to the safehold.

Despachiaire: This may sound odd, but on behalf of the residents of Tavnazia, I would like to thank you.

Despachiaire: Were it not for your arrival on this island, we would have more than likely been trapped here until our deaths--our existence unknown to those back on the mainland.

Despachiaire: And to think that I would be reunited once again with my granddaughter... There is nothing I could say or do that could express my gratitude.

Tenzen: May I enter?

Despachiaire: Why, if it is not a messenger from the Far East. You must be exhausted from your long journey.

Despachiaire: Welcome to our humble town. My name is Despachiaire, Ulmia's grandfather.

Tenzen: I thank you for your warm welcome. Tenzen, at your service.

Tenzen: I traveled across the seas to Jeuno in hopes of meeting Lord Bahamut. While there, I was fortunate enough to make acquaintances with both Ulmia and Prishe.

Tenzen: However, my mission is not yet complete. I request permission to leave the safehold so that I may continue my journey in search of the conqueror of the skies.

Despachiaire: I see. So you wish to speak with Bahamut...

Despachiaire: I apologize, but I must ask you to refrain from visiting the avatar at the moment.

Despachiaire: Bahamut has built a nest but a few malms from this safehold. If anyone or anything were to disturb him, the results could be catastrophic for Tavnazia.

Despachiaire: The diplomat from Jeuno, Nag'molada, should be returning from the Sacrarium shortly.

Despachiaire: I request that you accompany him on his journey to Bahamut's lair.

Despachiaire: Until then, feel free to rest within our city's walls. We shall try our best to meet any of your needs.

Tenzen: A diplomat from Jeuno...?
Understood. I shall wait here until he arrives.

Tenzen: ...Sir Despachiaire, may I ask why I am not allowed to speak with Lady Prishe?

Tenzen: There is something I must ask her. However, when I attempted to enter her room, she became upset and sent me away.

Despachiaire: I apologize for her actions. While it may not show, Prishe is cursed by a terrible sickness.

Despachiaire: I wish she would stay in the safehold and rest, but that personality of hers will not let her do so. I am amazed her body holds at all...

Despachiaire: Now that Nag'molada has promised the revival of trade talks with Jeuno, Tavnazia needs Prishe to be healthy.

Tenzen: I see...
I did not know that the situation was so grave--did you, Player name?

Tenzen: Sir Despachiaire, I will comply with your request regarding my journey to Bahamut. Please inform me when the diplomat has returned and further arrangements have been made.

Tenzen: This is not good, Player name.
I must meet with Bahamut before Jeuno dispatches its army.

Tenzen: However, my hands are tied unless I can find Ulmia and speak with Lady Prishe.

Sheltering Doubt (pt.3) - Tavnazian Safehold
Justinius: It is thanks to Prishe that our nation has grown strong over the past twenty years. Without her, we would not be where we are today.

Justinius: Her presence is a special one--a miracle bestowed upon us by the Dawn Goddess. However, there are now rumors that the miracle is about to fade... What will become of Tavnazia...?

Justinius: You are looking for Ulmia? She probably went down to the coast.
I must say, it is quite uncommon for her to argue with her grandfather like she did earlier...

Sheltering Doubt - Misareaux Coast
Ulmia: Player name?

You were looking for me?

Ulmia: Forgive me; I knew not what to do.

Ulmia: In times such as this, I come here to sing.

Ulmia: Listen...
This wind can carry your thoughts and dreams.

Ulmia: It will rise up into the boundless sky and soar over the ocean, echoing across the entire world...

Ulmia: Gentle Altana will hear your supplication and bestow her blessings upon you.

Ulmia: When I was but a young girl, I came here to whisper a prayer to the Goddess.
And truly it was answered.

???: What's the matter with you?

Prishe: What are you so worked up about?

Prishe: You're so full of angst, I could hear your thoughts from malms away!

Ulmia: !?

Prishe: You don't have to say a thing.

Prishe: Let's see now...

Prishe: Huh?
You didn't make it into the choir?

Prishe: You were too nervous to sing in front of everyone?

Prishe: I guess I can understand why you'd wanna join the cathedral choir.
You get to wear those pretty clothes, and every meal is a feast!

Prishe: But it's not the end of the world, you know!

Ulmia: ...!?

Prishe: Listen to me.
You might be too young to realize it, but this world is one damn big place!

Prishe: Lemme put it this way.

Prishe: The world stretches away to the right...

Prishe: And the world stretches away to the left...

Prishe: Combined with the world above and the world below...

Prishe: That's a whole lotta world around you!

Prishe: Do you get it?
This marquisate you live in is just one part of the Tavnazian Archipelago, which is just one part of the world of Vana'diel...

Prishe: The world of Ulmia is just one tiny little corner of all that!

Prishe: But I guess your dream of singing in the choir is over.

Prishe: And so is your parents' dream that you enter that world...

Prishe: But the world where you can sing can still exist in Vana'diel!

Prishe: Do you see!?
C'mon, let's hear you sing! Let's make that world right here!

???: Prishe, you've snuck out of the cathedral again...

Prishe: Cardinal Mildaurion!

Prishe: See you around, Ulmia!

Ulmia: Thanks to Prishe, my wish was granted and I was able to join the choir.

Ulmia: That was when I learned she was the "abhorrent one" who had long been connected with the Tavnazian Cathedral.

Ulmia: I also discovered that the power she was born from should be reviled--not Prishe herself.

Ulmia: However...
That was not the only time that Prishe was to help me.

Ulmia: When we were swept up in the storm of war...
Were it not for her power, I doubt we would have survived the terrible fate that befell our city.

Ulmia: What she accomplished was nothing short of a miracle.

Ulmia: As you are no doubt aware, while we were on the mainland, a plea for aid to Jeuno was made with Nag'molada's assistance.

Ulmia: The eyes of the people of Tavnazia were shining so very brightly. Just as they did that time...when Prishe was still called the abhorrent one...

Ulmia: Dawn Goddess, bless me with your wisdom.
We need your guidance in choosing the right path of action.

Ulmia: What must I do?
Is Prishe truly deserving of such revilement?

Ulmia: I wish to save her, but in doing so do I damn myself!?
Surely such an act can be forgiven?

Ulmia: Oh my!?

Ulmia: Bahamut, one of the terrestrial avatars...
Could Bahamut be the one to answer my questions...?

Ulmia: Player name,
I will go to meet with him.

Ulmia: Would you accompany me on my journey? We go to Monarch Linn, the home of Bahamut.

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