Remedy Ointment

Remedy Ointment


Jar of remedy ointment
This ointment remedies most status

Stackable: 12

Medicine Effects: (1 second, Instant)

Unlike with Remedy, if more than one of these status effects is present upon usage, only one effect will be removed. The effect is chosen at random.

Other Uses[edit]

Guild Points Value: None
Resale Price: 60~61 gil

Synthesis Recipes[edit]

Alchemy (66/77)
Yield: Remedy Ointment x 3
HQ 1: Remedy Ointment x 6
HQ 2: Remedy Ointment x 9
HQ 3: Remedy Ointment x 12
Fire Crystal

Used in Recipes[edit]

  • None

Desynthesis Recipe[edit]


Obtained From Desynthesis[edit]

  • None

How to Obtain[edit]

Auction House Category: Medicines ( )

Only obtainable through synthesis.

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