Professor Schultz

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[[{{SUBST:Professor Schultz}}|   ]]
Gunther Schultz
Gender: Male
Race: Hume
Job: Scholar
Affiliation: Bastok (S)
Occupation: Tactician
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[[{{SUBST:Professor Schultz}}|   ]]
Type: Cutscene NPC

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The legendary Bastokan military tactician who served in the Second Battle of Konschtat, and founder of the Gunther Schultz School of Martial Theory.

See Gunther for NM version.

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Gunther Schultz's human existance came to an end some 200 years before the current timeline. He was originally a painter who began his service in the Bastokan Army as a military tactician. However, he fell gravely ill during his service. On his deathbead he cursed the thought of dying without putting his strategies into practice. Instead of perishing, however, he was visited by the demon Count Bifrons, who had become so impressed with Gunther's genius tactics that he granted Gunther a new immortal body, so that the two tacticians could continue to clash their wits against each other. They have since been involved in most, if not all, the major conflicts to ever erupt on the face of Vana'diel (including the Crystal War), as they proceed to use the world as their chessboard.

Historical Background

Although "Schultz" is a proper German surname, it could also be seen as a play on words. "Schule" and "Schutz" are the German words for "school" and "defense," respectively. Replacing the final "e" syllable in "Schule" with the final "tz" phonic of "Schutz" gives "Schultz." However, be aware that "defense school" in German would be "Schutzschule."

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