Paeon is a type of Enhancing Song used by Bards. It bestows an effect similar to Regen for party members within range, restoring a small amount of HP every tick for as long as the effect lasts.

Six songs give this effect. Different tiers can be combined. They may also coexist with the Regen status effect.


  • All Paeon songs initially restore the number of their tier in HP for each tick, meaning at first, Army's Paeon III will heal 3 HP for each tick. At certain Bard levels, the potency of each spell rises, causing them to give 1 extra HP per tick than the tier indicates, meaning Army's Paeon III would then restore 4 HP for each tick instead.
  • At BRD75, all Paeons will have received the 1 HP/tick boost.
  • At BRD28, Army's Paeon will have the 1 HP/tick boost, but not Army's Paeon II (both giving 2HP/tick). Army's Paeon boost may come a few levels sooner.

Songs are learned by Bards only, at the following levels:

5: Army's Paeon
15: Army's Paeon II
35: Army's Paeon III
45: Army's Paeon IV
65: Army's Paeon V
78: Army's Paeon VI

Each +1 to Paeon on an instrument increases the number of HP recovered per tick by 1.

Instruments that Enhance this Song[edit]

Name Lvl Effects
Ebony Harp 60 Paeon +1
Ebony Harp +1 60 Paeon +2
Ebony Harp +2 60 Accuracy +1, Paeon +2
Millennium Horn RareExclusive 75 In Dynamis: CHR +3, All Songs +2
Gjallarhorn RareExclusive 75 CHR +4, All Songs +2, Singing Skill +10, Wind Instrument Skill +10
Oneiros Harp 88 Adds Regen effect, Paeon +3
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