Start NPC Dkhaaya - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (G-9)
Items Needed Pickaxe
Repeatable Yes
Reward Lightning Band


(Or take a chocobo from Al Zahbi through Wajaom Woodlands to Bhaflau Thickets)
  • Enter the cave at (I-7) to zone into Aydeewa Subterrane. The Ameretats can aggro to sound at level 75.
  • Follow the path to a room with columns, (I-8).
  • Drop off a ledge North-West into a room with Aydeewa Diremites (they aggro level 75's - use Sneak to avoid aggro).
  • Immediately to the left (H-8), there's a steep ramp that leads south and down.
  • Go down the ramp to a room with leeches and a large pool in the center that looks like a Teleporter (H-9).
    • Note: This is the same room that is involved in the Blue Mage flag quest An Empty Vessel. If you are doing both quests at the same time, make sure you get the key item for this quest before starting the Blue Mage cutscene, as it will teleport you back to Whitegate automatically after the scene has finished.
  • Look around the room for the Excavation Site and mine it to get one of three key items: Electrocell, Electropot, or Electrolocomotive (G-9). It may take several tries.
  • Return to Dkhaaya; he rewards you with a Lightning Band.
  • At this point, the quest is gone from the log and technically complete, but the real reward is to trade the Lightning Band to the Leypoint in Wajaom Woodlands (G-8) to obtain the Olduum Ring.
  • If you drop your ring, this quest is repeatable by talking with Dkhaaya.

Game Description[edit]

Dkhaaya (Balrahn Way, Aht Urhgan Whitegate)
Dkhaaya wants you to bring him an artifact of the Olduum civilization.
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