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Storage Slip 01

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Moogle storage slip 01


Moogle storage slip 01RareExclusive
This slip allows the customer to store one piece of Salvage, Nyzul Isle, Einherjar, or Assault Equipment with a porter moogle.

Stackable: Not Stackable

Other Uses[edit]

Resale Price: Cannot be sold to NPCs.

How to Obtain[edit]


Price: 1000 gil
Name Location Type
Porter Moogle Northern San d'Oria (K-8)

Bastok Markets (I-9)
Port Windurst (L-6)
Lower Jeuno (I-6)
Tavnazian Safehold (F-8)
Aht Urhgan Whitegate (I-11)

Armor Storer


Head Body Hands Legs Feet
Ares's Mask Ares's Cuirass Ares's Gauntlets Ares's Flanchard Ares's Sollerets
Enyo's Mask Enyo's Breastplate Enyo's Gauntlets Enyo's Cuisses Enyo's Leggings
Phobos's Mask Phobos's Cuirass Phobos's Gauntlets Phobos's Cuisses Phobos's Sabatons
Deimos's Mask Deimos's Cuirass Deimos's Gauntlets Deimos's Cuisses Deimos's Leggings
Skadi's Visor Skadi's Cuirie Skadi's Bazubands Skadi's Chausses Skadi's Jambeaux
Njord's Mask Njord's Jerkin Njord's Gloves Njord's Trousers Njord's Ledelsens
Freyr's Mask Freyr's Jerkin Freyr's Gloves Freyr's Trousers Freyr's Ledelsens
Freya's Mask Freya's Jerkin Freya's Gloves Freya's Trousers Freya's Ledelsens
Usukane Somen Usukane Haramaki Usukane Gote Usukane Hizayoroi Usukane Sune-Ate
Hoshikazu Hachimaki Hoshikazu Gi Hoshikazu Tekko Hoshikazu Hakama Hoshikazu Kyahan
Tsukikazu Jinpachi Tsukikazu Togi Tsukikazu Gote Tsukikazu Haidate Tsukikazu Sune-Ate
Hikazu Kabuto Hikazu Hara-Ate Hikazu Gote Hikazu Hakama Hikazu Sune-Ate
Marduk's Tiara Marduk's Jubbah Marduk's Dastanas Marduk's Shalwar Marduk's Crackows
Anu's Tiara Anu's Doublet Anu's Gages Anu's Brais Anu's Gaiters
Ea's Tiara Ea's Doublet Ea's Dastanas Ea's Brais Ea's Crackows
Enlil's Tiara Enlil's Gambison Enlil's Kolluks Enlil's Brayettes Enlil's Crackows
Morrigan's Coronal Morrigan's Robe Morrigan's Cuffs Morrigan's Slops Morrigan's Pigaches
Nemain's Crown Nemain's Robe Nemain's Cuffs Nemain's Slops Nemain's Sabots
Bodb's Crown Bodb's Robe Bodb's Cuffs Bodb's Slops Bodb's Pigaches
Macha's Crown Macha's Coat Macha's Cuffs Macha's Slops Macha's Pigaches
Askar Zucchetto Askar Korazin Askar Manopolas Askar Dirs Askar Gambieras
Denali Bonnet Denali Jacket Denali Wristbands Denali Kecks Denali Gamashes
Goliard Chapeau Goliard Saio Goliard Cuffs Goliard Trews Goliard Clogs
Pahluwan Qalansuwa Pahluwan Khazagand Pahluwan Dastanas Pahluwan Seraweels Pahluwan Crackows
Amir Puggaree Amir Korazin Amir Kolluks Amir Dirs Amir Boots
Yigit Turban Yigit Gomlek Yigit Gages Yigit Seraweels Yigit Crackows
Valhalla Helm Valhalla Breastplate
Imperial Kaman Storm Zaghnal Storm Fife Imperial Gun Khanjar
Hotarumaru Imperial Neza Storm Tabar Storm Tulwar Imperial Bhuj
Yigit Bulawa Pahluwan Patas Imperial Pole Sayosamonji Doombringer
Hofud Valkyrie's Fork Perdu Sword Perdu Hanger Perdu Blade
Perdu Voulge Perdu Staff Perdu Bow Perdu Crossbow Perdu Wand
Perdu Sickle
Ritter Gorget Kubira Bead Necklace Morgana's Choker Aslan Cape Gleeman's Cape
Buccaneer's Belt Iota Ring Omega Ring Delta Earring Animator +1
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