File:Medicated icon.JPG Medicated is a status effect that you gain after using some Medicines. It prevents you from using any other medicines that would give you this status effect, for a certain period of time. For example, if you use an Icarus Wing, you will become Medicated for a period of time afterwards. You won't be able to use another Icarus Wing, or a Hi-Potion Drop, etc. However, you can still use a Potion or Hi-Potion as these Medicines don't give you the Medicated status effect.

How to remove the effect[edit]

  • You cannot remove it - you must wait the allotted amount of time (3 min to almost 2hrs earth time) for it to wear off, if logged off the time remaining shall freeze and continue counting down once you log back on again.

How the effect is inflicted[edit]


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