Start NPC Yoran-Oran - Windurst Walls (E-5)
Requirements Windurst Reputation 1
Items Needed Cornette
Four-Leaf Mandragora Bud
Snobby Letter
Three-Leaf Mandragora Bud
Yuhtunga Sulfur
Repeatable Yes
Reward 120 - 5,500 Gil


Item Reward Drops From
Four-Leaf Mandragora Bud 120g Mandragora - Sarutabaruta
Pygmaioi - Tahrongi Canyon
Sylvestre - Buburimu Peninsula
Cornette 200g Mandragora - Sarutabaruta
Pygmaioi - Tahrongi Canyon
Yuhtunga Sulfur 250g Mandragora - Sarutabaruta
Pygmaioi - Tahrongi Canyon
Sylvestre - Buburimu Peninsula
Three-Leaf Mandragora Bud 1,200g Mandragora - near Kazham
Snobby Letter 5,500g Mourioche - Boyahda Tree
  • If repeating this quest using Cornettes, you can use the following macro while directly facing Yoran-Oran:
    /item "Cornette" <t> or /item "Cornette" <stnpc>


  • The quickest route to Yoran's is to exit through Windurst Waters Mog House and turn right to Windurst Walls, cross the bridge, turn left, first house on left.
    • If you have Windurst Walls Home Point #1, his house is right up the hill to the north.
  • If you are doing this quest for Reputation, be sure that you trade only 1 item at a time.
    If you try more than one item, you will only be credited for the item in the first trade slot.
  • Zoning is not needed to repeat the quest.
  • You will be unable to trade anything if you are in the middle of the Windurstian leg of CoP mission 3-3.
  • This is a good quest for Windurst Reputation.

Trade Requirements[edit]

SE has decreased the number of Cornettes needed for fame by ALOT. Please update the info.

The following table gives the minimum number of trades required to achieve a given reputation level.

  • The values may be inaccurate. (Dec 2016 edit: 50 Cornettes gave Rank 8.)
  • Please update the table with the known (confirmed) minimum when testing with a single type of item.
    • If you wish to include testimony, do so on the talk page (see testimonials).
  • Do not update if multiple types of items were used or your reputation involves other quests.
Level 4-Leaf Bud Cornette Sulfur 3-Leaf Bud Letter
2 Unknown 8 Unknown Unknown Unknown
3 Unknown 40 Unknown Unknown Unknown
4 Unknown 81 Unknown Unknown Unknown
5 Unknown 140 Unknown Unknown Unknown
6 Unknown 178 Unknown Unknown Unknown
7 Unknown 195 Unknown Unknown Unknown
8 Unknown 221 Unknown Unknown Unknown
9 Unknown 240 Unknown Unknown Unknown
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