Hide (Status Effect)


Hide is a beneficial status effect that obscures a player's body until it wears off or is removed. Similar to Invisible, while under the effect of Hide, players will not receive aggro from monsters that detect by sight. However, players will still aggro monsters that are True Sight.

In addition, players can shed all enmity by using Hide, if the monster in question detects by Sight only. If a monster can detect a player in any other fashion (such as sound or scent), then Hide will not shed aggro.

  • In situations where multiple players have enmity from a monster, using Hide while having the most enmity will cause the monster to change targets to the party member with the second most enmity.
  • If the Thief is the only person with enmity, using Hide will cause the monster to de-aggro, and either walk back to its spawn area, or despawn altogether if it is too far from its spawn area.

How to remove the effect[edit]

  • This effect can be removed manually.
  • Being the target of an aggressive attack, spell or ability
  • Activating a job ability or casting a spell will remove this effect.

How the effect is inflicted/gained[edit]

Job abilities[edit]


Though much like Invisible (Status Effect), this is its own status effect with its own icon (the icon used for bar- spells).
Hide (Status Effect) and Invisible (Status Effect) however do not stack.

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