Flash (Status Effect)


Blind (Status Effect).png Flash is a harmful status effect that temporarily blinds the player until it wears off or is removed. Afflicted targets have their melee accuracy greatly reduced, and afflicted monsters gain enmity toward the source of the effect. (This effect stacks with Blind)

How to remove the effect[edit]

  • The White Mage spells Erase and Esuna will remove this effect, but its duration is usually too short to require others to remove the effect. Esuna does not require the effects of Afflatus Misery to remove the status effect.

How the effect is inflicted[edit]


Automaton Attachments[edit]

Monster Abilities[edit]


  • Flash can coexist with Blind effects and will not overwrite them. Prior to the 2/24/05 version update, Flash would overwrite Blind effects.
  • Flash has a gradually decaying effect. Its accuracy reduction is most potent at the moment the status is inflicted, and quickly decays over time until it wears off completely. (This behavior can be confirmed by repeatedly checking a target that normally checks "low evasion" to you when you have been hit by Flash -- oftentimes they will end up checking "high evasion" to you immediately after being hit by Flash; a moment later it will check as "normal evasion", and eventually will revert back to "low evasion" when Flash wears off, verifying the gradually decaying effect.)
  • This status uses same text as Blind (Status Effect) in the English client software, but has its own unique message in Japanese clients. e.g. The Japanese client would give a message meaning "The (monster) is no longer under the effect of Flash" when the effect wears off, instead of "The (monster) is no longer Blinded" message on the English clients.
  • This has been changed as of October 2012. The English client now states "(Name) is afflicted with Flash" and "(Name) is no longer afflicted with Flash."


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