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Thrifty Transit

(Redirected from Ease of Exploration)

Thrifty Transit is one of the possible Super Kupowers granted at random after all 11 Mog Tablets have been found.

While Thrifty Transit is in effect, players benefit from free Outpost Teleportation to any Outpost available to them, free Survival Guide teleportation, and Explorer Moogles appear, allowing teleportation between Bastok, San d'Oria, Windurst, Mhaura, and Selbina.

Outposts and Survival Guides[edit]

Explorer Moogles[edit]

Area Position
Bastok Mines K-8
Northern San d'Oria L-10
Port Windurst L-4
Selbina H-7
Mhaura H-8
  • The cost for teleportation is 300 gil.
  • Thrifty Transit does not reduce the cost of this teleportation, since you are not going to an "Outpost".
  • You must be at least level 20 on your current job to use this service.
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