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Chocobo Raising/Treasure Finder

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Chocobo Raising Guide[edit]

This is a chocobo ability that can be learned:

  • Adds the sense of Kweh!? to your location to the chest by splitting up the large Kweh. ring in half, making it into the kweh. and Kweh!? ring, thus improving your ability to find out how close the chest is to you.
  • Increases the chance of finding items when using the "Take A Chocobo for a Walk" command while raising a Chocobo.

Learned by using the Tell a Story care option when your chocobo has at least a bit deficient Discernment (for optimal learning chances), and choosing the option Story of a Diligent Chocobo

This article uses material from the "Chocobo_Raising/Treasure_Finder" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.