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Chocobo Raising/Tell a Story

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Chocobo Learns an Ability!

This is a chocobo care option that can raise Discernment and grant a small possibility that your Chocobo will learn an ability. Telling your chocobo a story can also raise affection slightly.

Learning an Ability[edit]

You will lose the story Key Item when your chocobo learns its associated ability.

A light bulb animation appears above your chocobo's head when it learns an ability after a story is told, and its energy is restored 20-100%.

The maximum number of abilities a chocobo can have is two, but it's possible for the chocobo to occasionally "be inspired" by any stories told after the two abilities have been learned. When this happens, the chocobo's learned abilities will remain unchanged, but it will still receive the increase in energy.

Several conditions increase the likelihood of learning an ability.

On day 43, the breeder will receive a message from the trainer stating that your chocobo has entered the prime of its life and it is the best time to work on its attributes. This provides an increased likelihood of learning an ability. Verification Needed
Having higher Discernment, typically a bit deficient or higher, will increase the likelihood of learning abilities.
Telling a story to a chocobo before having a bit deficient discernment or reaching day 43 has been proven to potentially teach it an attribute (ability), however the likelihood is very small.
  • Telling a story results in a small increase in Discernment. Raising an Adult chocobo with Basic Care, using only Chocobo Racing Discernment upgrades and Telling Stories, my chocobo has twice started a day's activities at one level and ended at the next (i.e., gone from Poor to Substandard through storytelling, and from Substandard to A Bit Deficient).
  • It is possible to learn a story even if your chocobo has a status ailment, or is near retirement (proven that your chocobo is still capable of learning stories at day 99 for example).
  • Affection may play a role in how attentively your chocobo will 'listen' to your stories. In other words, having a high affection may be a factor involved in your chocobo's ability to learn a story within a reasonable time.

Story Key Items[edit]

The Story Key Items are generally learned after meeting a particular NPC three times(can be in any of the major cities; NOT CITY SPECIFIC), on a walk with your chocobo—the exceptions being the Story of a Happy Chocobo, which is learned after winning three times in Compete against Others, and Story of a Diligent Chocobo, learned after finding the lost chick's owner in the Lost Chick mini-quest. Story Key Items are used when the chocobo learns the related ability (e.g. after your chocobo learns Burrow from Story of a Worrisome Chocobo, you will no longer have that Key Item). Stories must also be relearned for every subsequent chocobo you raise, even on a character that has already received the story Key Items on a previous chocobo.

Story Name Teaches Ability Learned From Obtained By
Story of a Curious Chocobo Canter Brutus

Go on a Walk (long)

Story of a Happy Chocobo Auto-Regen Bashraf Winning Compete against Others 3 times
Story of an Impatient Chocobo Gallop Hantileon

Bastok: Go on a Walk (regular)
San d'Oria: Go on a Walk (short)
Windurst: Go on a Walk (regular)

Story of a Worrisome Chocobo Burrow Zopago

Bastok: Go on a Walk (short)
San d'Oria: Go on a Walk (regular)
Windurst: Go on a Walk (long)

Story of a Youthful Chocobo Bore Pulonono

Bastok: Go on a Walk (long)
San d'Oria: Go on a Walk (long)
Windurst: Go on a Walk (short)

Story of a Diligent Chocobo Treasure Finder Lost Chick's Owner

Lost Chick Mini-Quest

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