Collect Tarut Cards

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Start NPC Chululu - Lower Jeuno I-8
Requirements Jeuno Reputation 2
Items Needed Tarut: Death
Tarut: Hermit
Tarut: King
Tarut: Fool
Title Granted Card Collector
Repeatable No (See All in the Cards)
Reward Chululu begins fortunetelling
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None Rubbish Day
All in the Cards


  • Talk to Chululu to receive 5 Tarut cards, all of the same type.
    • It is possible to receive additional cards after a certain period of time if the quest remains incomplete. You must wait one day (Earth time) in order for her to give you new cards.
    • If you don't know anyone who has flagged this quest, this is probably the most reliable - if lengthy - way to complete it, as she can give you a different set of cards when you go back to see her. Thus, it's entirely possible to collect the four different cards this way. Discarding the extra cards from a set may increase the odds of her giving you a different set the next time you speak with her.
  • Find other players who have started the quest and trade with them until you have all four different cards (Death, Hermit, King, Fool).
  • Trade the four different cards to Chululu to complete the quest.
  • Once this quest is completed, it is possible to ask Chululu for your compatibility with another player. The player name is asked to be specified in a "Password" field on the screen, and the player must be nearby.
    • (Enter the name exactly as is in-game, the first letter capitalized. If you don't do this it says "too far away.")
  • Fun note: If you type Chululu's name for the compatibility, she'll reply "What? With me!? Spare me." If you type Kurou-Morou, she'll reply "What? With that creep? Over my dead body!" If you type your character's name she'll reply "Of course you're compatible with yourself! Hello!?"==Game Description==
Chululu (Fortunetellers, Lower Jeuno)
You must gather one of each kind of Tarut card before your fortune can be told.

A Real Collection[edit]

During Fan Festival 2008, attendees were given a package of Tarut Cards as part of their Gobbie Bags. Each package contained 5 copies of either The Fool, The Hermit, The King or Death. Just like the quest in game, you were to trade with your fellow players to obtain a full set of these cards (displayed below). These cards featured original artwork by Fumio Minagawa.

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