Both Paths Taken

Mission Name Both Paths Taken
Number 2-9-2
Level Item Level 115+ recommended
Title Granted Spirit Seeker
Items Needed Key ItemSiren's plume
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Call of the Void The Man Behind the Mask


  • At the end of the previous cut scene, you'll be put in Empyreal Paradox. If you need to leave, you can do so via a nearby Dimensional Portal to return to a random Crag and come directly back to Empyreal Paradox via any crag's Dimensional Portal. While finishing the mission removes the Empyreal Paradox option from the Crag portal, this portal will continue to work. Presumably, if you are not on or past Dawn, you cannot zone to The Garden of Ru'Hmet through the transporterVerification Needed.
    • The crag may be based on your home nation at the time of entryVerification Needed.
  • Walk forward through a doorway and examine the Transcendental Radiance within the area to enter a battlefield against the Disjoined One, a Dark Knight utilizing Sword weapon skills.
    • Upon entry, Key ItemSiren's plume loses its power and becomes Key ItemMotionless plume. If you fail, you must restore its power by re-examining the dimensional portal you entered from and selecting Empyreal Paradox to reattempt the battle. Once you zone into the Empyreal Paradox you will be given a new Siren's Plume.
    • 15-minute time limit, 6-member limit.
    • Buffs wear on entry.
    • Trusts may be summoned after entry, before engaging.
    • Assisted by Iroha, a Samurai/Scholar who casts Embrava on herself and the party and unleashes exclusive weapon skills, including Amatsu: Choun, Amatsu: Fuga, and Amatsu: Hanadoki.
  • A cutscene plays automatically after the battle and takes you to whatever random Crag the Dimensional Portal can take you to.

Game Description

Mission Orders
The time has come for Selh'teus to create a new mothercrystal in Reisenjima. Just as the plan was to be set in motion, the ambassador appeared to challenge Iroha. Stop him in his tracks.
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