Ark Angels II

Start NPC Trisvain: Northern San d'Oria (J-7)
Raving Opossum: Port Bastok (J-11)
Mimble-Pimble: Port Windurst (L-5)
Requirements Level 95+
Ark Angels mission complete
Items Needed Key ItemPhantom gem purchased for 15 merit points
Repeatable Yes
Reward Rem's Tale Chapters 6-10
Plutons / Beitetsu / Riftborn Boulders
Battlefield spoils (see below)
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Ark Angels
Divine Might II

Ark Angels II battlefields are the source of Rem's Tale Chapters 6-10 for Reforged Armor +1, synthesis materials for Reforged Armor +1, as well as high-Item Level equipment.

Phantom gem key items required to enter. They can only be acquired by players level 95+ who have completed the Ark Angels mission. The gems can be purchased from the following NPCs for 15 Merit Points:

Difficulties and Rem's Tale[edit]

The battlefields come in three difficulties:

Difficulty Content Level No. of Rem's Tale copies Acquired No. of Plutons/Beitetsu/Riftborn Boulders Acquired
Very Easy 113 1 0
Easy 116 1 0
Normal 119 2 1
Difficult Over 119 3 2
Very Difficult Over 119 4 2

AA Battlefields[edit]

Battlefield Entry Item Chapter Ru'Aun Gardens Home Point # Synthesis Drop Unique Drops
Ark Angels 1: Ark Angel HM


Key ItemPhantom gem of apathy Rem's Tale Chapter 6 (Head) HP #1 (H-4) Maliyakaleya Coral

(Used to craft Maliyakaleya Orb for head upgrade.)

Ark Angels 2: Ark Angel TT


Key ItemPhantom gem of cowardice Rem's Tale Chapter 10 (Feet) HP #2 (E-10) Hepatizon Ore

(Used to craft Hepatizon Ingot for body upgrade.)

Ark Angels 3: Ark Angel MR


Key ItemPhantom gem of envy Rem's Tale Chapter 8 (Hands) HP #3 (E-7) Beryllium Ore

(Used to craft Beryllium Ingot for hands upgrade.)

Ark Angels 4: Ark Angel EV


Key ItemPhantom gem of arrogance Rem's Tale Chapter 7 (Body) HP #4 (K-7) Exalted Log

(Used to craft Exalted Lumber for legs upgrade.)

Ark Angels 5: Ark Angel GK


Key ItemPhantom gem of rage Rem's Tale Chapter 9 (Legs) HP #5 (J-11) Sif's Lock

(Used to craft Sif's Macrame for feet upgrade.)


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