A Place to Return

Mission Name A Place to Return
Number PM6-2
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For Whom the Verse is Sung More Questions Than Answers


  • Zone into Ru'Lude Gardens for cutscene. (Home Point #1)
  • Approach the Grand Duke Palace for a cutscene.
  • Optional: Talk to Pherimociel at (G-6).
  • Head to Misareaux Coast and check the Dilapidated Gate at (I-11) to spawn three Spheroid NMs - Warder Aglaia, Warder Euphrosyne and Warder Thalia.
    • Can be defeated solo at level 75+ with Trust. Trivial at Item Level. (see testimonials)
      • They do hit rather fast and accurately even against level 90 characters. While not overly dangerous, Sleeping the Spheroids and picking them off one at a time is still worth of a thought.
      • They will gradually build up a resistance against Sleep/Lullaby as well as Bind.
    • They have three special attacks that they all use together. If one of them is asleep at the time, they will use it when they wake up.
      • Reactive Armor: Grants the Shock Spikes effect.
      • Electromagnetic Field: Area attack with the additional effect of knockback, strips shadow images.
      • Electrocharge: Area attack dealing Lightning damage. Verification Needed
    • The spheroids are aggressive and will attack outsiders should they become passive for any reason (the character(s) who spawned them being defeated or leaving the area).
  • Upon defeating the Spheroids, check the gate again for another cutscene.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Cardinal Mildaurion is somewhere in Jeuno, and Ulmia is desperate to find out where she may be hiding. Perhaps the three "high-ranking" Tarutaru "officials" know something...
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