Zeni is currency used in conjunction with the NPCs Ryo and Sanraku. They are used to gain access to Zeni Notorious Monsters.

Obtaining Zeni[edit]

Zeni Values[edit]

  • The amount of Zeni obtained for a Soul Plate depends on a number of factors:
    • Sanraku's interest in the type of monster a Soul Plate was obtained from.
    • Whether or not the Soul Plate was taken from a Regular Monster or a Notorious Monster from Sanraku's Recommended Fauna, such as Salvage, Assault, ISNM and Nyzul Isle.
    • The state of the monster a Soul Plate is taken from, such as level, current Hit Points, claimed by the player taking the picture, etc.
      • A Soul Plate from a high level monster of Sanraku's particular interest at low HP will typically give 75-77 Zeni.
      • A Soul Plate from a L50ish monster of his particular interest at low HP will give not much less, about 70 Zeni.
      • A Soul Plate from a L77ish monster of his particular interest at very low HP (0,1-0,5%) will give up to 99 Zeni (varying the distance and number of debuffs resulted in Soul Plates giving 82-99 Zeni).
    • A Soul Plate from a monster that has a low total number of spawns greatly increases Zeni value.
  • NOTE:
    • It is speculated that Sanraku has a quota that can be reached from all players on the server. Once he receives this number of plates, he loses interest.
    • Ryo, Sanraku's Assistant, gives information on the current Subject of Interest and Recommended Fauna.
    • Ryo will also tell you the amount of Zeni a Soul Plate you trade to her is worth.

Zeni Uses[edit]

  • Zeni is spent to purchase Rare/Ex items used to immediately spawn various Notorious Monsters throughout the Aht Urhgan area.
    • To obtain such a trigger item, talk to Sanraku and choose to obtain information on Rare Fauna.
    • He will give you a list of available Zeni Notorious Monsters. More options are available when trading the 100% drop Rare/Ex items from previous encounters to Sanraku for a single higher-tier selection.

Historical Background[edit]

Zeni is a historical name for Yen, the standard currency of Japan. Zeni is also widely used as the form of currency in many fictional stories, such as Capcom's Megaman series and the Dragon Ball manga/anime.

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