Windurst Conquest Points Items

All of these items are available from War Warlocks in Windurst:

as well as the Jeunoan Conquest Guards:

Items that are available when Windurst is in any Conquest Ranking are available from War Warlocks in Foreign nations - items available only when Windurst is in 1st or 2nd are not available to foreign nations:

Items that are available only during 1st or 2nd Conquest Ranking are indicated with a "1st" or "1st, 2nd" next to their name.

Other Information:

  • Anyone of any nation can buy Conquest Point Items from nations other than their own. The only difference is that they must buy for higher amount of Conquest Points. Also your nation must rank higher than the nation you want to buy from.
Rank Requirement Cost in CP Items
Rank 1 1000 CP
Rank 2 2000 CP
Rank 3 4000 CP
Rank 4 8000 CP
Rank 5 16000 CP
Rank 6 24000 CP
Rank 7 32000 CP
Rank 8 40000 CP
Rank 9 48000 CP
Rank 10 56000 CP
Rank 10 5000 CP
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