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[[{{SUBST:Villion}}|   ]]
Gender: Female
Race: Elvaan
Affiliation: San d'Oria
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[[{{SUBST:Villion}}|   ]]
Type: Adventurer's Assistant NPC
Location: Northern San d'Oria (F-3)

Involved in Quests:


Offers Information on the Elemental Relationships:
Hello there! Through my teachings I seek to raise the awareness of San d'Oria's fine citizens. My specialty is the elements and their correlations. Of course, those from abroad are welcome to my knowledge, too. View the chart of elemental correlations?
  • "Yes.": [Displays a chart of elemental relationships] Excellent choice, friend. This may not be the best place for study, but let's get started! (Shows a chart of element correlations) Ever heard of the elements, the most primal forms of energy? There are eight in all. Behold, they are like a wheel, with arrows forming a circle. This shows how the myriad elements relate to one another. They are like six serpents in a circle, each biting the tail of the one before it. I will explain simply. Water puts out fire, whilst the heat of fire melts ice. Ice block wind, whilst wind wears away at earth. Can you see it right there? Earth steals energy from lightning, whilst lightning throws its bolts into water. Light and darkness occupy the center. They are in mutual opposition, for one cannot be both at once. Ah, yes! There's one more thing you should know: the elements are tied closely to the status of your health. If you'd like to learn more, I am willing to continue.
  • "Yes, please.": Vey good! Fire causes disease, ice paralysis, wind silence, earth petrification, lightning stun, and water poison. Then there is charm, which is caused by light, whilst blindness, curse, and sleep are all the domain of darkness. Therefore, armor and accessories that resist certain elements also help you avoid status ailments caused by those elements. That will be all for today's lecture. Should you wish to review, just ask! I teach all who wish to learn.
  • "No, that will be enough.": That will be all for today's lecture. Should you wish to review, just ask! I teach all who wish to learn.
  • "No.": Ah...that is a shame. You've been taught all you need to know, have you?

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