The Clue

Start NPC Rycharde - Mhaura I-8
Requirements Windurst Reputation 5
Items Needed Crawler Egg x4
Title Granted Four-star Purveyor
Reward 3000g
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Expertise The Basics


  • You must wait 8 game days after finishing Expertise before Rycharde will give you this quest.
  • After giving him some time to recover from his father Valgeir's harsh words about his cooking, Rycharde is now ready to prove his worth to his father.
  • He asks you to bring 4 Crawler Eggs.
  • He also says you can take your time on this quest, so there is no time limit.

Game Description[edit]

Rycharde (Sailors' Stay, Mhaura)
Rycharde seeks an ingredient known as crawler's eggs.
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