Template:Zone Icon

Zone icons for use in zone pages

harvesting = Ffxi hby 06.GIF
chest = Ffxi hby 08.PNG
coffer = Ffxi hby 09.PNG
mining = Ffxi hby 02.GIF
logging = Ffxi hby 04.GIF
digging = Chocodig.gif
clamming = Ffxi hby 07.GIF
excavation = Ffxi hby 01.GIF
fishing = Ffxi gld 01.gif
chocobo = Chocobo Icon.GIF
fellow = 20px
tractor = Tractor Icon.png
fire = Trans Fire.gif
water = Trans Water.gif
ice = Trans Ice.gif
light = Trans Light.gif
dark = Trans Dark.gif
lightning = Trans Lightning.gif
earth = Trans Earth.gif
wind = Trans Wind.gif
double fire = Double Fire.gif
double water = Double Water.gif
double ice = Double Ice.gif
double earth = Double Earth.gif
double lightning = Double Lightning.gif
double wind = Double Wind.gif
double light = Double Light.gif
double dark = Double Dark.gif
casket = Ffxi hby 10.PNG
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