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{{rl|<item>|<craft>|<cap>|<subcraft>|<subcraft cap>|<subcraft 2>|<subcraft 2 cap>|hq=<hq>}}

This template was created to help format the recipe links in the "Used in Recipes" and "Obtained from Desynthesis" sections of item pages, but can be used anywhere that requires quick links to items and their recipe skill levels. It provides a link to the item specified and guild icons representing the crafts. The guild icons are clickable links to the craft pages. If "?", "??", or "???" is given as a skill cap, the page will automatically be categorized in the Information Needed category, but only if the page is in the Main namespace (e.g. it is a regular article and not a template, talk, or user page).


Code Result
Alchemy 40 Potion
Smithing 05 Woodworking 02 Sickle
Leathercraft 57 Goldsmithing 50 Clothcraft 48 Brigandine
Leathercraft 57 Goldsmithing 50 Clothcraft 48 Brigandine
{{rl|Goblin Armor|Leathercraft|36|hq=2}}
Leathercraft 36 Goblin Armor (HQ 2)
{{rl|Iron Arrow|Woodworking|27|Smithing|??}}
Woodworking 27 Smithing ?? Iron Arrow
{{rl|Gold Thread|Clothcraft|???}}
Clothcraft ?? Gold Thread
Information Needed
Information Needed
*{{rl|Hard-Boiled Egg|Cooking|6}}
*{{rl|Bast Parchment|Woodworking|45|Alchemy|29}}
This article uses material from the "Template:Rl" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.