Medicine Effects: (Instant, Instant)


| name = 
| tags = 
| description = 
| stackable = 
| use delay = 
| after use delay =
| duration = 
| effects = 
  • The "name", "tags", "use delay", "after use delay", and "duration" variables are optional (remove if unused).
  • name: The full name of the item, as shown on the item in-game.
  • tags: {{Rare}}, {{Exclusive}}, and/or {{Temp}}
  • description: The description given on the item in-game.
  • stackable: The maximum stack size of this item (1, 12, 99) or "Not Stackable."
  • use delay: How long it takes to use this item.
  • after use delay: How long before other items, spells, or abilities can be used after this item has been used.
  • duration: How long the effects of this item last or "Instant".
  • effects: A list of the effects this medicine produces when used (see {{Effect}} for instructions on the use of the effect template).

See the talk page for examples of this template in action.

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