This template is for providing an example Template usage and output on a Template_talk: page.

It can be used within a table cell to control the width.

For an example of this template in use, see Template_talk:ValueRange.



| title = 
| use-h = 
| color-h = 
| code = 
| output = 
| output-bg = 
| output-border = 


| title = 
| code = 
| output = 


  • title: The value to appear as the title in the box.
  • use-h: Optional. Provide y to generate a H3 (===) element instead of the fake header.
  • color-h: Optional. The color to use for the fake header's bottom border.
    Default value is #D5D9FF: [        ]
  • code: The code used to generate the output.
    NOTE: Do not include the brackets, and surround with nowiki tags if providing parameters.
    Example: <nowiki>MyTemplateName|parm1=value|parm2=value</nowiki>
  • output: The complete template code to output, including brackets.
    Example: {{MyTemplateName|parm1=value|parm2=value}}
  • output-bg: Optional. The color to use for the output area background.
    Default value is white
  • output-border: Optional. The color to use for the output area border.
    Default value is #D5D9FF: [        ]

Default Output[edit]

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