• Displays an icon matching the element, as well as giving it a sortable hidden text.
  • Use this template if you don't want the image alternate text to read "Resist vs. ____".
  • If the element is omitted, Information Needed is shown.




  • type: The type of element to display the icon for.
  • showtext: Set this to Y to output the element name in front of the icon.

All Elements[edit]

Element Only With Name
Code Output Code Output
{{Element|Fire}} Fire {{Element|Fire|Y}} Fire Fire
{{Element|Ice}} Ice {{Element|Ice|Y}} Ice Ice
{{Element|Wind}} Wind {{Element|Wind|Y}} Wind Wind
{{Element|Earth}} Earth {{Element|Earth|Y}} Earth Earth
{{Element|Lightning}} Lightning {{Element|Lightning|Y}} Lightning Lightning
{{Element|Water}} Water {{Element|Water|Y}} Water Water
{{Element|Light}} Light {{Element|Light|Y}} Light Light
{{Element|Dark}} Dark {{Element|Dark|Y}} Dark Dark
Code Output Code Output
{{Element|Fusion}} FireLight {{Element|Fusion|Y}} Fusion FireLight
{{Element|Fragmentation}} LightningWind {{Element|Fragmentation|Y}} Fragmentation LightningWind
{{Element|Gravitation}} DarkEarth {{Element|Gravitation|Y}} Gravitation DarkEarth
{{Element|Distortion}} IceWater {{Element|Distortion|Y}} Distortion IceWater
Code Output Code Output
First 4 elements are: Fire > Ice > Wind > Earth (see elemental resistances or elemental spell list)
{{Element|First4}} FireIceWindEarth {{Element|First4|Y}} First4 FireIceWindEarth
Last 4 elements are: Lightning > Water > Light > Dark (see elemental resistances or elemental spell list)
{{Element|Last4}} LightningWaterLightDark {{Element|Last4|Y}} Last4 LightningWaterLightDark
{{Element|AllLight}} FireWindLightningLight {{Element|AllLight|Y}} Lightness FireWindLightningLight
{{Element|AllDark}} IceEarthWaterDark {{Element|AllDark|Y}} Darkness IceEarthWaterDark
{{Element|All}} FireWindLightningLightIceEarthWaterDark {{Element|All|Y}} All FireWindLightningLightIceEarthWaterDark

Default Output[edit]

? Information Needed

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