Template:Average Exp

(??? Exp)


{{Average Exp|total exp|total exp}}


{{Average Exp|8653|25}}

This template can be used on experience scrolls where the average exp may want to be recorded.

When using this template, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The accuracy of the information is only as reliable as the editors contributing.
  • The current "acceptable" level is 100 reports. Average Prices with less than 100 reports will only be displayed in the hovertext.
  • Once this value exceeds 500 reports, the value can be considered reasonably reliable. After this point, the average price will no longer be displayed in gray.
  • Also, when reporting your average exp, be sure to add your results to the existing exp, in total exp, instead of replacing them. If the current tally is 10000/10, and your results are 1000/1, then the new value should read 11000/11.
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