Talk:The Three Magi

My wife and I didn't read ahead and showed up as 75whm and 75brd with crap gear, it was a really easy fight for us.

Soloed on BLM53/SCH26. Sneak pop it and it won't aggro. Run out of casting range and apply invisible, then run up to the top of the cliff you pop it from and pull it by casting ice spikes for magic aggro. Despite being a light elemental, it resisted my first sleep II, so I didn't bother attempting to sleep it after. Does not resist bind, so bind/nuking is fairly easy to pull off. It only does about 30 dmg/hit with earth staff on, and has very poor accuracy, even against a BLM.

Keep in mind that demons can and will aggro across the crevasses, which is why I recommend pulling the mob on the high end of the crevasse and running off into the corner of this area next to the much wider crevasse. The one demon that was nearby never got close enough to aggro. --Bsphil 09:12, 29 October 2008 (UTC)

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