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# When you find the ???, check it and you will receive the Key Item: Ancient tablet fragment. (Please note: if more than one person in your party needs the quest, the ??? will disappear once anyone clicks it and will instantly repop in one of other locations.)

  • I just finished this quest with a friend and we both got the Ancient tablet fragment from the same ??? on 4th spawn and it also did not move. -(unknown)
    •  ??? can repop on the same spot. It's just more likely NOT to respawn there. --Seedling 23:56, January 3, 2011 (UTC)

A friend and I ran this quest last night as a party. I was able to click the ??? and get the key item, but when we found the next ???, my party member was not able to claim it, even after disbanding, then logging out and back in. Any idea what could have caused this to happen? - Xelha of Ifrit, 07/14/2010

  • Your friend was not on the quest, or already had collected the key item. --Seedling 23:56, January 3, 2011 (UTC)

I accepted and completed this quest with only Rank 3 Rabao fame. --ShiftIntoTurbo 18:40PM, March 7, UTC+10.

Old last instruction[edit]

This is the old version of the last instruction, prior to the update mentioned. I have updated the last instruction. Dmaps (talk) 04:44, March 23, 2017 (UTC)

  • He asks for you to come back another day because he needs to decipher the tablet. Zone and come back to Charlaimagnat after Japanese Midnight, for your reward.
    • Simply logging out in front of him and logging back in after Japanese midnight does not work, you have to zone to another zone and come back.
    • In July 2014 Update you no longer need to wait for midnight, max wait time is now 1 minute (Earth time).
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