What is the term we're using for the off hand? The spot that you equip shields, or your second weapon, etc to? Is there a page made for it somewhere..? I'm just not sure what to call it >.<



In-game I believe it's called 'Sub'. Category:Sub is Empty though so I guess no one gives a damn about shields or dual wielding.

Sub 2[edit]

Sheilds are the only other thing besides dual wielding weapons that can be put into the sub slot, right? Shields are already in the [:category:Shields|Shields category] and all other weapons would already be under main. The only weapons you can't dual wield are 2 handed (I think). Does any other site classify anything as sub? A page that describes what the sub slot can do might be a good idea. Thoughts? Ganiman


Yeah, Youre right. So for shields, I can list the Slot: as just Shield, and on the Shield page we could put a link describing the "Sub Slot'? I think that could work.

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