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Well, I certainly like being credited for my work, but evidence, testing, and credit should go here on the discussion page. Let's stick to facts about the subject matter on the main page.

Here's a link to my counter/shield testing.

About WS additional effect blocking.

You actually picked two of the very few effects that I'm not certain you can block. I haven't been back to bukhis to test since getting Ochain, but I can think of two other instances where dispel effects went through blocks. Hydra's Trembling would dispel one effect every time, and I'm fairly certain that its a physical attack. Although wiki says it normal takes 2~3 buffs, so perhaps I'm blocking part of it. Also Ironclad's Turbine cyclone caused multiple effect dispel, but in that case I'm not totally certain its a physical ws.

As for Sobek's Tyrant Tusk, I also need to retest it. The issue being, that every time it killed me(only happened twice) there was no dmg taken displayed. If the death effect proc'ing changes the WS from a melee attack with an add effect, to just an effect ws(like roar's para) then I wouldn't be able to block it.

Well, I'll leave things as they are till I can confirm/deny the matter on those ws.

Update. Tyrant Tusk is definitely magical. Thus you can't block it, and it can KO you, Ochain or not. Removing Tyrant Tusk from the example on the main page.

Martel of Ragnarok--Vagrantdragoon 00:13, April 8, 2011 (UTC)

About this particular edit, "The higher your Shield Skill, the more often you will block attacks with your shield (varying with enemy's level relative to your job level). "

We don't actually know if that's true, regarding player level, that is. It is known, and confirmed, that block rate drops vs higher level mobs and that higher shield skill raises block rate. But is player level actually a direct factor? Or is it only because a higher level paladin has a higher shield skill?

I might have to do some testing. /sigh.. Level sync then balance skill with gear, test block rate. I can compare to some of my level 90 tests. Could be awhile till I get around to it though.

Martel of Ragnarok--Vagrantdragoon 23:58, May 18, 2011 (UTC)

A table of block rate by skill level with each type of shield would be nice, if anyone has a link...? But I suppose that's asking a lot. Demoncard

Bit of PvP testing, and from what I've seen so far in shield vs blue magic, it does seem to treat physical spells like tp's or physical attacks. Shield Mastery kicks in for blocks adding more tp than the spells do in normal instances, though the shield we tested with wasn't up to par for trying to absorb the dmg entirely. -- Ziharku

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