Talk:Rycharde the Chef

I followed these instructions directly and Rycharde would not ask for nor accept the two dhalmel meat. In the quest log Rycharde the Chef was not in Current Quests nor Completed Quests. I tried absolutely everything, talking to each NPC again doing the same instructions, and I even tried zoning and talking to Rycharde again. (I found a lot of similar complains and comments on Allakhazam's comments.) This really bothered me so I started to talk to one NPC and then Rycharde and then zoning to see which step was the problem.

Talking to the Governor's aide about ALL options and work last fixed the problem (she actually gave different dialog from asking her about work first rather than last), consequently Take then gave me different dialog, and then Rycharde allowed the dhalmel meat trade. - Freazer 04:40, 17 July 2008 (UTC)

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